Majickal Bellydance Workshop Information

The Seven Circles
of Majickal Bellydance
with Leanne Margaret
Join us as we thaw the winter chills and begin raising energy ready to devote to spring’s beginning. The Seven Circles Workshop will take place as the Winter Solstice passes and the Sun begins to lengthen our days
Focusing on our own private dance enjoyment, the Seven Circles Workshop is 2 hours of energy raising dance with some meditation breaks to contemplate our inner experience and rest the body. It dances like a taster workshop, including a warm up session and progressive dance drills to awaken the whole body and spirit.
The majick is in the meditation, drawing the dancer progessively into herself, where the circles can be felt and articulated into natural spiralling movements that need no instruction, once found within.
Participants need to be warm and comfortable, as dance drill sessions will be interspersed with carpeted floor rest. Dress in layers. Exercise clothing with a fitted top and soft scarf around the hips is adequate. No coin belts. They’ll stick in the carpet. Water in a covered bottle is a good idea.

When: Sunday 3rd July 1pm – 3pm
Style: Casual or lounge Bellydancing for personal enjoyment and wellbeing, with some esoteric content involving the human energy field.
Where: Yarra Valley Yoga Studio, 12 Auburn Road, Healesville
Arrival: Please park ONLY on front lawn or in driveway, as this is a residential street. Walk through big gates and the studio is the building in front of you.
Bookings: SMS or phone Leanne 0411 711 489, email or respnd via facebook. Bookings essential as min and max numbers apply. Please book by 26th June.
Payment: $30 payable on the day in cash, or via paypal in time for the workshop as follows: Thankyou
Prerequesites: Basic Bellydance training would be helpful but not essential. Beginners will receive a taster workshop and intermediate dancers will receive a revision course.

For more information on the esoteric purpose of Majickal Bellydance please see previous blog here.


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