Majickal Tarot Readings, by Leanne Margaret

(Australia Only)

Telephone Tarot Readings in Australia by Leanne Margaret. Majickal Online Courses.

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How tarot may help you:

  • Explore the themes influencing your life.
  • Gain insight into how these themes are playing out.
  • Increase your mastery over your own destiny.
  • Discover your own potentials.
  • Increase your own personal insight into yourself.
  • Learn how to work with elemental forces, to harmonise your life.
  • Receive spiritual guidance from your higher self.
  • Participate in the healing energy of speaking with an intuitive. 
  • Learn practical ways to take your reading into your life. 

Price List

15 mins phone reading       $40

30 mins phone reading       $80

60 mins phone reading       $110

45 mins video reading        $150

Written reading via email   $100

How to Book Your Tarot Reading Online, with Leanne Margaret

2. When you get there, use the PayPal menu at the top of the screen. Please ensure you leave correct mobile phone and email contact details. If you want to double check anything, you can contact me here. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

Leanne Margaret X

P.S. You can find out about my April 2021 Tarot workshop here.  More info coming. 

P.S.S. I'll consider offering international readings in future. 


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