Majickal Bellydance

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I cooked up Majickal Bellydance based on a stock of Classical Egyptian Bellydance, seasoned with aspects of fusion and spiritual dance, heated with electronic fusion beats. 

When you learn Majickal Bellydance you'll enjoy a whole body experience that mobilises every joint, every muscle, every dimension of the dancer you are. 

Not only will you learn the basics of bellydance, you will also explore how to connect to a state of mindfulness via dance. Belly dance is an energy dance, which conveys the physical as well as the energetic impact of form and music. Most dancers leave my classes feeling invigorated!

The emphasis for this class will be on health, fitness and mindfulness. Dress with comfort more than glamour in mind. A floaty skirt or exercise clothes with a hip scarf are fine for dance class. But do dress in costume if it helps you get in the mood for belly dance.

I will provide any props required. Just bring a water bottle and hip-scarf. You can use a jangly bellydance scarf with coins, or you can use a plain triangle or rectangular scarf. Even a sarong can help you feel 'dancer-like,' as long as it doesn't obstruct your movements.

We will be performing some light stretching and mobility exercises, so make sure you can comfortably move around. Bare feet are traditional for bellydance, but I understand that some people have podiatry needs and require footwear. In that case a pair of ballet-styled flats are ok. But you do need to be able to spin and grip - like feet. Actual ballet-slippers are too narrow-soled for belly dance. We need to connect with the Earth via our feet, exploring gravity, rolling and shifting our weight as we dance. 

I look forward to dancing with you in 2020. 


You can find out more about bellydance and about me by visiting my blog at:

Bellydance in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges. Suitable for beginners and mature dancers. Easy, safe exercise you can learn how to do at home.
Easy, Majickal Bellydance | Yarra Valley, Eastern Suburbs, Victoria


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