How To Connect With Your Higher Self

We are entering a stage of human consciousness that is very individual and requires less direction. Human development no longer depends on gurus and outside helpers. It is up to each individual to access the power of a personal authority that works in loving consideration of all. 

Why do we need a higher self?

Connecting to a sense of higher guidance is more important then ever as social media and TV influencers tell us what to buy and how to think. Everyone's idea is presented as the best idea ever. Advertisers promote themselves as the authority on just about everything. The consequences of our decisions are ours to carry alone. So we need to ensure we are leading our lives from a broad and considered perspective. Attuning to a higher self can increase the wisdom available for each decision made. Over time, our trust in ourselves as decision makers can grow.

Where is the higher self?

There is a dimension just outside of ordinary reality containing the very best version of ourselves. An expression representing our highest evolution as human beings. Although it is a future self, its consciousness shines omnipresent, only a call away. 

It's really important to understand how to discern the voice of the higher self from other influences and memories. Just as we can hear the voice of our most evolved self, we can also hear the voice, sometimes more stridently, of our lower self. The lower self is our creature self. Our inner creature will not be ignored as it is the protector and guardian of our physical bodies. When guidance from the higher self can be perceived, the ego can combine it with knowledge of the needs of the creature self. This integrated approach helps to balance our aspirations with our more earthly needs.

Some people are naturally aligned to their higher self. Some people understand their higher self via a framework of religion or spirituality. Whatever idea you use to understand this higher power, make sure it is loving. If you hear a voice that encourages you to cause harm to people or planet, it is not your higher power. Ignore it! You can recognise the voice of a higher power by its loving nature. Your higher power won't flatter you or inflate your ego. It will offer helpful encouragement in an instantaneous manner. 

How to connect with your higher self.

As an experiment, think of a question and speak it out loud in a clear concise manner. Your higher self will respond immediately and without emotion. Emotion belongs to the human body on the earth plane. Your higher self will deliver messages in an impartial way, no stress, no drama. If there's stress or drama you are not speaking with your higher self. When you have your answer it helps to write it down and bring the information from the spiritual planes to the earthly planes where it can be beneficial. The information will come as quick as a thought. Spiritual energy exists outside of time. 

Connecting on the spiritual planes.

If you feel you need to contact your higher self more formally, try the following visualisation technique. Various versions of it are used to train practitioners of personal and psychic development. It can help you assert your own authority around your life decisions and goals. No one can know your path more thoroughly than you and your higher power:

Relax wherever you are, concentrating on your breathing. 
Imagine the energy of your exhalation escaping the soles of your feet into the floor.
Relax your body from the ground upwards. Relax your feet, legs, knees and hips.
Feel your belly rising and falling with each breath.
Bring your attention to your ribcage, noticing it expand and contract with your breathing. 
Feel the diaphragmatic muscles working to inhale and exhale.
Imagine your heart safely encased by your ribcage and the air you breathe. 
Feel the air pass through your throat. 
Now close your eyes, resting your attention at the centre of your head.
Imagine a point of light shining at the centre of your head.
Imagine that point of light stretching upwards until it becomes a ray of light, rising. 
A ray of light is rising from the top of your head. See the light rising like a column to the sky. 
Now imagine yourself as a point of light, rising up through the column of light, until a wise and loving presence approaches you.
Imagine what that loving presence feels like. You may even see an image in your minds eye.
Ask the presence if there are any messages or information for you.
Acknowledge some kind of thank you to anchor the wisdom into earth as you visualise the column of light again. Begin to descend the light, back to your physical body.
Feel your feet on the floor and recall your message. 

Record your experiences afterwards in detail. Working in these higher dimensions is like dreaming. It's easy to forget what happened once the threshold of ordinary consciousness is crossed. I think it's a good idea to use your ordinary journal or diary to provide context with your life as a whole. It will help your understanding of your personal development later as you re-read your notes.

Use the visualisation as often as you need until the connection becomes automatic and instant. Your relationship with your higher self will become more and more entwined with ordinary consciousness the more often you listen.

Who is your higher self?

Know that your higher self is you, part of your energy field at higher levels of expression, available to you at any time and place. The more you call upon and listen to your higher self, the more integrated it will be into your own psyche. Soon you will be able to sense your higher self entwined throughout your life, empowering your confidence, discernment and consideration.

With Love.

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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