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The Equinox Festivals

There are various ways to experience Easter. For some it's a holiday and time with friends and family. For some it's a deeply meaningful time for spiritual ceremony. But for everyone, this time of year is a seasonal festival. All over the world people are experiencing the change of the seasons. The in-between seasons, either from summer to winter, or from winter to summer (or their equatorial equivalent). My sauce & some random tomatoes Parallel with the traditions people follow, we are all subject to the changing moods of the seasons. Aside from winter sport enthusiasts, many people instinctively withdraw their energy in winter, I know I do. Like a bear in a cave, it's hard to get me out of the house during the colder months. Whether or not we are conscious of it, we are all affected by the relinquishing of autumn and the growth cycle of spring. Inexorably, nature flows through us, connecting us to people and planet. Our own personal energies expand and contra

Autumn News 2018

Hi All 😀 As we make our descent toward the colder seasons I'm aware that part of me is looking forward to more time indoors being creative. I usually dread the cold of winter, but this year life is looking brighter. Creatively, there's a lot to do and it's getting easier to do it.  I'm better able to leave the past behind me and get on with my days. During the summer just gone I even managed to balance a term of dance classes with my writing life. Bellydance Classes Thursday night dance class has been a personal tradition since my early dance class days. It's a life affirming practice that helps to undo the hours spent sitting at computer and notebook. Majickal Bellydance is more than exercise, it's like a moving meditation. The benefits are spiritual as well as physical and mental. I'll be teaching a new term of classes at Seville Community house from April 19. Details HERE . On the topic of life balance: Due to anxiety and PTSD, I have had to

Love Spells

This isn't the usual love spell. Like many majickal people, I have experienced the enduring ties that can be created when we perform unethical spells. That is - spells involving another person. You might be thinking, "what? No spells involving others? How can a love spell happen without others?" Consent It's all about consent. It's not appropriate to join with another person without their consent, even on spiritual planes. There has to be another way to do our love majick. The Source of Love Love majick begins with you, the source of love in your life. Personal love majick seeks to expand the love within you. In this way you can build your reserves of love and life-affirming energy; the kind of energy that is attractive to others. If you love you, someone else surely can. Feeling the Love Feeling the love means generating feelings of love from within. It means not only finding what you love about yourself, but also your life and the people, places a

Writing Raw - 7 Reasons to Journal

While writing this post I realised that every journal completed is a hand written book - old style. Suddenly my journalling feels more precious. There are loads of reasons to keep a journal. Here are a few of them. 1. Expression: The human desire toward self expression has led to constant evolution in media. The platforms available on which we can say our bit are endless. But I think journalling is still a valuable tool for self-expression. For some of us, journaling is still the best way to access deeper levels of consciousness. Technology can be a stimulating and distracting influence. The gently tactile pages of a journal can offer a private place to write raw. It's where our thoughts can evolve and become more clear, without an audience. 2. Articulation:  Self expression becomes easier when we have practised putting words to our thoughts, feelings and inspirations in a journal. Our emotional intelligence increases as we learn to express our inner life accurately to other