Hi, I’m Leanne Margaret 

I’m a writer, teacher, dancer and self-published author of two mind/body/spirit books. I’ve been writing forever, but in 2012, I completed my first creative writing course. Since then I've studied copy and content writing, fiction structure and grammar, as well as memoir writing. I'm currently working on my third book, a memoir; along-side with the Cut, Polish, Shape, course at the Australian Writers' Centre. 

During a difficult stage of my early life, I began exploring meditation and spirituality. Metaphysics and divination became the theme linking my early writing and teaching work, including meditation and other magical arts. I've been teaching in these areas, as well as belly dance, since 2000. My work flowered into two major projects: Majickal Bellydance, and Majickal Mystery School. I realised I couldn't have it all in 2022, when my knees gave way. Now I'm focussing on writing, and knee rehab.

My drive to write is sourced from a quietly held, but life-long belief that it is my purpose to do so. Although my early work consisted mainly of poetry, journaling, workshops and business copy, I really wanted to write books. I kept quiet about it for years, except to my closest confidants. For reasons I didn’t quite understand, I knew that I had to live half of my life first.

Then, just like in childhood, a trauma took place that brought the next stage of my life into focus. I emerged from the rubble of my old life in 2014, and began creating my first book The Love of the Universe, published in 2017. In 2019 I followed it with Multidimensional Meditation.

I'm the kind of writer who bounces from hectic bouts of frenzied writing, to countless weeks of procrastination. But once I’m back in the writing zone, I know I’m in my sweet spot. I also love good coffee, excellent food, dancing to ecstatic music, and walking anywhere new. I enjoy a quiet, contemplative life and regular re-charging in nature, particularly with the trees and rivers.

Currently, my memoir is in the editing stages, but my creative brain also sparkles with multiple ideas. I hope the writing world can hold an author of multiple genres.

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If you still want more info about what informs my work, please see my blog post: What Matters To Me.


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