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Placebo? Or Self-Healed?

With trepidation I switched on TV program 'The Interview,' hosted by Andrew Denton. Although usually a fan of Andrew Denton, I feared a little for his guest: Charlie Goldsmith, healer. As I watched the healer being questioned in Denton's chair, I couldn't help recalling images of sacrificial lambs and public crucifixions. I squirmed towards the remote control repeatedly, ready to flee a 'roasting.' With cynicism I assumed the healer was being interviewed, not to assist in the wellbeing of the human race, but for the entertainment of people who believe only in what they can see. Fresh faced and golden, like his name, Charlie Goldsmith engaged the sceptical interviewer in an energy sensitivity test. It was a technique used by many teachers and students of psychic development, including myself. Of course Denton was unable to feel the energy that Goldsmith delivered to his outstretched hand. The healer was unsurprised, as negative biases toward all things spir

Happy Mother's Day Mother Earth


Healing Hands

Motivation was high this week. Pleased with my first author talk at Seville Community House  (with author Debra Marks), I Healing Hands returned my focus to the intimidating task of editing. I even managed a little writing, but mainly I'm writing choreographies for my Majickal Bellydance class. Busy days usually tire people out. But not me! The busier the day the more hyper I get and the harder it is to get to sleep. This week I have been employing breathing exercises, visualisation and calming techniques. I've learned how to settle my mind, but physically, I've been pretty wound up. Recalling what I wrote about Dimension One (the body) of human consciousness in my book , I used a self-soothing strategy I call the Healing Hand. It can be used anywhere, but I focussed on the period of time right before sleep when I was in bed. You don't have to be a mum, a reiki channel or a massage therapist to invoke the power of therapeutic touch. The Healing Hand technique