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Crystal Cleaning & Care

Like people and planets, crystals are electromagnetic devices that can accumulate debris on physical and energetic levels. The wisdom and power available from crystal realms can come through clear and strong when crystals are handled with a little regular care. The three things to consider when caring for crystals are, cleaning, storage and communion. This article will introduce cleaning and storage, while communion will be introduced in another article. There are many ways to clean crystals. It doesn't usually matter which method is used except in the case of salty water soluble crystals such as selenite and Himalayan salt. Use dry cleaning methods if you feel any doubt. Hold them in your hand and get a feel for each crystal and how it might best be cleaned. Like bright fabric, brightly coloured crystals are prone to fading in the sun, so limit exposure to avoid over-stripping them. I have provided a link to a good list of crystal tips and warnings at the end of this article.