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Majickal Tarot Readings, by Leanne Margaret

(Australia Only) Visit Majickal Mysteries to book your reading .   Find out about me... How tarot may help you: Explore the themes influencing your life. Gain insight into how these themes are playing out. Increase your mastery over your own destiny. Discover your own potentials. Increase your own personal insight into yourself. Learn how to work with elemental forces, to harmonise your life. Receive spiritual guidance from your higher self. Participate in the healing energy of speaking with an intuitive.  Learn practical ways to take your reading into your life.  Price List 15 mins phone reading         $40 30 mins phone reading         $80 60 mins phone reading         $110 45 mins video reading          $150 Written reading via email     $100 How to Book Your Tarot Reading Online, with Leanne Margaret 1. Please visit 2. When you get there, use the PayPal menu at the top of the screen. Please ensure you leave correct mobile phone and email conta

7 Ways to Action The Law of Attraction, In Consideration of All.

There's a stereotypical practitioner of the Law of Attraction: hippie types, sitting in lotus pose, visualising their dreams into being. But there's a lot of action in the power of attraction.  First, let's summarise what is meant by the Law of Attraction. You may have read the book or seen the movie The Secret . Although none of the ideas were new, the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, popularised the ideas; so that The Secret became a commonly known piece of work. She taught us that what we think, specifically our beliefs around our own potentials, impact our ability to manifest those potentials. It means that if we think we can't do something, we probably won't be able to do it. It also means that if we can maintain hope and focus, we can create the best chance of bringing our potentials into being. Some of us, including those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can find it difficult to maintain a persistent positive attitude. The world is teeming with

Majickal Meditation Workshop - Learn 7 Simple Pathways into Meditation

Majickal Meditation Workshop Chirnside Community Centre 1pm, Monday 26th April, 2021 2-hour workshop, $45. Bookings: 1300 835 235 Online Bookings HERE   Join Facebook Event Here 'Did you know that anyone can meditate? Even if you have a thirty-second attention span. Even if your eyes roll at the thought of sitting for an hour in lotus pose, chanting mysterious words. Even if meditation makes you just want to go to sleep. In fact, you're probably doing it more often than you realise.' -from book, Multidimensional Meditation, by Leanne Margaret Let me show you... Are you too busy to stop and connect to your real needs? Join me, as I guide you through a series of meditations to help bring you home to yourself. You will begin with simple awareness of your body. Then, you will gradually ascend to higher, freer levels of consciousness; step-by-step. These higher levels can assist you with your creative work, as well as helping you to transition into sleep.  Most of all, you wil

Majickal Tarot 2021 Workshop Information

Workshop: Majickal Tarot Are you new to Tarot and unsure where to start? Are you still flipping through books after years of reading, struggling to memorise 78-card meanings AND their reversals? Would you like to learn how to swap between decks and read fluently, even decks you've never seen before? This isn't your usual Tarot course. Although I will provide some traditional tables and charts for you to learn at home, this workshop will teach you how to read Tarot without flapping through charts and books. All you'll need to carry is your cards. You will shift gear from a novice who learns from others' insights into a reader who can sit and fluently deliver their own perspective. Unlock 5 tricks to help you read ANY 78-card Tarot deck – No memorisation required. This is an IRL (in real life) workshop. You will learn: How to prepare yourself and your cards Psychic development techniques 4 ways into the minor arcana Attuning to the major arcana Building a story 2 styles o

If You Believe in Someone, Tell Them.

This post is dedicated to the women who have helped me to step towards my potential. These women believed in me when I was unable to do it for myself. I try to pay it forward to my students and friends.   As I prepare my return to teaching in 2021, I'm pausing to reflect on how I came to step into the role in the first place. I always knew I would be a writer, but my role as teacher was a surprise to me. So how did it happen? Compared to many dancers I was a late bloomer, attending my first dance class at the age of twenty-five. A year or so later my teacher asked me to teach a class of beginner dancers. I was gobsmacked. Why on earth would she pick me to teach? I'd never taught anyone anything.  Although I didn't believe in myself, I did believe in my teacher. It wasn't the first time she had invited me to step out of my comfort zone. Twice each year she would run fabulously staged dance concerts. As well as dancing, I had been invited to read tarot at these concerts.