Majickal Meditation Workshop - Learn 7 Simple Pathways into Meditation

Majickal Meditation Workshop
Chirnside Community Centre
1pm, Monday 26th April, 2021
2-hour workshop, $45.

Bookings: 1300 835 235

'Did you know that anyone can meditate?

Even if you have a thirty-second attention span.

Even if your eyes roll at the thought of sitting for an hour in lotus pose, chanting mysterious words.

Even if meditation makes you just want to go to sleep.

In fact, you're probably doing it more often than you realise.'

-from book, Multidimensional Meditation, by Leanne Margaret

Let me show you...

Are you too busy to stop and connect to your real needs?

Join me, as I guide you through a series of meditations to help bring you home to yourself.

You will begin with simple awareness of your body. Then, you will gradually ascend to higher, freer levels of consciousness; step-by-step. These higher levels can assist you with your creative work, as well as helping you to transition into sleep. 

Most of all, you will learn how to take some simple mindfulness practices into your life; that can help you live in a more peaceful and balanced way.

Believe me when I say that I understand how stressful everyday life can be. I suffer from issues with anxiety, so I know what it is to be troubled with intense emotions; as well as intense life experiences. Life is never going to be perfect, and we're exposed to stressors every day. But meditation can help us to manage our responses to those stressors, as well as increase our resilience to future challenges. 

Since I have been focusing on my writing and teaching work, I'm amazed at how many ideas continually come to me. I credit this creative output to the higher levels of meditation I've been able to attain. I'm no guru. I do not sit in lotus pose for hours each day, chanting and escaping the relentless rush of modern life. I struggle with the stressors and noise of living in an urban area, and my time for meditation is limited, so it has to work—fast.

That's why I wrote my second book, Multidimensional Meditation. I wanted to show people how easy meditation can be. All we need to do, is set some realistic standards. The meditations you learn at your workshop will be short, simple and clear. 

Also, they will be easy to transport out of the workshop and into your life. You'll learn how to tune to different states of consciousness, as quick as a thought. You'll also learn some skills to help you when meditation doesn't seem to come so easily. 

This is an 'in real life' event, held at the rooms of the CIRE Chirnside Community Centre. 

Bookings: 1300 835 235

Learn how easy meditation can be, by reading Multidimensional Meditation, by Leanne Margaret
Here's the book I wrote to show you how easy meditation can be:

Leanne Margaret, Author of Multidimensional Meditation.


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