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Psychic Protection Isn't Just For Psychics

Have You Ever Felt the Mood of Someone in the Room? Psychic protection isn't just for psychics and paranoid new agers. Everyone is subject to the effects of psychic energy. Physical energy has form we can see, feel and measure. Psychic energy generally describes what exists in non-physical form. Psychic energy contains electromagnetic energy emanating from bodily functions, emotional, mental and spiritual activity. Psychic energy can also affect us from external sources such as other people and machines. The more sensitive among us are aware of the hum of energies emanating from within and without. A regular routine of actions promoting protection can help to turn the volume down on a world that can sometimes be too aggravating. At Home Traffic, neighbours, kids, dogs, garden machines and insensitive horn blowers can smash the peace of our home sanctuaries. There isn't a lot we can do about the noise but there are a few things that can help us to distance these

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