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Book Review: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck

The cover of the book drew my eye as I walked passed a tiny new age bookshop. I was writing my first book at the time and was enduring a 'book ban' to help me focus. But this book looked important. So I picked it up. A spaciousness entered my energy field like a fresh breeze and I knew I would buy the book: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck. I barely even read the back cover! I peeked at the first few pages and was gripped! But unfortunately, in 2012, I had to stop reading the book as soon as I started, lest I accidentally reproduce the author's ideas into my own. I was creating a mystically inspired work that I didn't want to reference heavily with others' ideas. So years passed. But the universe moves in serendipitous ways. As it turned out, 2018 was the perfect year to read The Emerald Tablet. This remarkable book offered me a mirror in which to reflect on all that had happened since I had purchased it. Transformative years where the innate powers o