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Sleepy Time Spell

I'm in book writing mode at the moment. So my posts may be a little shorter than usual. My last blog post about spell crafting has proven popular. For me, it was the most empowering thing I learned in witchcraft class. I'm pleased to pass it on. I hope it is used to write spells creating more loving, empowered lives. This week I'm giving readers a little blessing I often use. It is designed to be a bed time prayer. It has a number of purposes: It affirms that the body is safe to go to sleep. It tells the brain to switch off and allow sleep. A blessing to offer protection through the night. A non-invasive way to quickly involve others in the blessing. A way to switch off from worrying about others. Bed Time Spell/Prayer Safely through the night I sleep Myself, my loved ones, Blessed Be. To further empower the spell, imagine yourself and your loved ones encased in an egg shaped orb of light. The visual image and the words together will supercharge

A Template for SpellCrafting

The accomplishment of some of my life goals require what I call 'Big Magick.' Big Magick happens when energy is raised and condensed, within an energetic circle around a specific workspace. Into this circle are invoked the powers of the elements of nature and other relevant spirits to assist the direction of human focus into a single point or goal. Big Magick Requires Impeccable Ethics There is always a part of me that feels reluctant to share my spell crafting knowledge in case it is used for unethical reasons. The natural laws of cause and effect , also known as karma and as the three-fold-law requires us to use our majickal skills in a way that causes no harm and does not interfere with the free-will of others. Some spell crafters believe in a ten-fold law which dictates that the spirit or intent of whatever we do comes back to us multiplied by ten. Such musings aside, if you are learning about majick from me, know that it is all dedicated to the life-affirming ene

The Elements of Nature - for urban people

Modern cities can separate people from nature. It is in our nature to be in nature. Although we have built up civilisations to protect us from the more destructive side of the elements, we are still affected by their power. The elements of nature are usually described as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Everything is created from these elements, which is why they have been invoked for thousands of years in ceremony and song. Earth Earth represents our planet and the physical earth we walk on and grow our food in. We are intimately connected to the health of the soil and its balance of nourishment and microbes. Without healthy, rich soil, good food can't grow. Therefore the element of Earth represents all that nourishes us on a physical level including food, movement and protection from the elements in the form of clothing and housing. Our physical bodies too are made of the nourishment we draw from the earth. Rituals involving physical healing and financial abundance might feat

Protection on the Run: The White Circle

After realising with horror that I had run out of coffee, I had to make a trip to the shops on their busiest day, Saturday. As a sensitive type, I would usually avoid the Saturday crowd unless I was feeling particularly social. This day, I was not feeling social. But I managed to shower and pull on tracksuit pants (not my best day obviously) and drive myself to the local supermarket, which is also a small shopping centre. As soon as I ascended from the carpark on the escalator I was bombarded with Saturday crowd frenzy. People marching in all directions with bags, trolleys and prams. A piercing scream from a toddler contracted my muscles like an all-over kick. I needed to remedy the situation fast if I was going to get my coffee. The White Circle I quickly imagined a white circle surrounding my feet, made of light, like a halo on the ground. It travelled along with me as I walked. I imagined the white circle emitted the light upward in multiple columns of light, surrounding me.