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How To Connect With Your Higher Self

We are entering a stage of human consciousness that is very individual and requires less direction. Human development no longer depends on gurus and outside helpers. It is up to each individual to access the power of a personal authority that works in loving consideration of all.  Why do we need a higher self? Connecting to a sense of higher guidance is more important then ever as social media and TV influencers tell us what to buy and how to think. Everyone's idea is presented as the best idea ever. Advertisers promote themselves as the authority on just about everything. The consequences of our decisions are ours to carry alone. So we need to ensure we are leading our lives from a broad and considered perspective. Attuning to a higher self can increase the wisdom available for each decision made. Over time, our trust in ourselves as decision makers can grow. Where is the higher self? There is a dimension just outside of ordinary reality containing the very best versio