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Meditation: The Full Body Scan - Dimension One of Human Consciousness

The Physical Body Do you ever feel like you are 'too much in your head?' Do you suffer from 'mystery pains' in your body? Are you so busy that sometimes you forget to eat? Is exercise a chore that you procrastinate? The Full Body Scan meditation is designed to help you get in touch with your body. It might seem like a strange and even unnecessary idea - because how could we forget we have a body? But it's easy to do. The more online we become, the more consciousness is directed into our heads, eyes and ears. These activities stimulate the higher dimensions of expression and impression, giving us more access to information and creativity than ever. But at lower dimensions of consciousness we are still creatures.  All creatures, no matter how sophisticated, require rest, exercise, food, air and sun. By addressing these basic needs, the energy at higher dimensions can be as potent as possible. When the physical body is rested, nourished and exercised, we

Meditation: The Egg - Dimension Zero of Human Consciousness

Oceanic Consciousness The egg meditation connects you to the source of life. A dimension where all is connected in an unconscious way, like the connection between mother and unborn child. By using The Egg meditation, you can attune to raw life-affirming energy and unconditional love. It helps you connect to the love of the universe. Here's a short excerpt from my book, Multidimensional Meditation. It introduces the idea of self-love as a method of connecting us to the love of the universe... 'Meditation involves spending a little time sitting with oneself.     It’s an opportunity to sense living energy within us; to attune to the love of the universe. Planetary awareness might make it seem selfish to consider self-love, but we are the universe waking up to itself as individual, as well as collective, consciousness. What we do to one, we do to all, so self-love is a prerequisite to world love.'   Leanne Margaret © 2019 Dimension Zero Meditation You are medita

Protection or Paranoia? - Feeling the Fear and Doing Things Anyway

Spirituality has always been a great comfort to me. There are many things we are subject to, over which we have no control. Like the weather, world affairs and other people. It can be frustrating when the world doesn't always reflect our own personal values. But life must go on. We need to find a way to live in a world that isn't always safe and perfect. Otherwise we would all find ourselves trapped in our homes, too afraid to open the door. Protection rituals have always given me comfort when - in spite of anxiety - I have had to go out into the world. Well-meaning people are quick to point out what can go wrong 'out there.' But few are willing to buy me a treadmill so I can run inside! I was out running when the winter sun broke through a week of grey and rain. But I barely noticed the warmth on my arms, already bare from the heat of running. I was busy fretting over the words of a couple of people who have warned me this week about our safety in the world. I

What is Multidimensional Consciousness?

Light is perceived by the human eye as white, but we know that it can be split into a rainbow of colours when subjected to conditions like prisms and water droplets. Light then reveals itself as existing at various frequencies, red being the lowest frequency and violet the highest.  Likewise, human consciousness - although usually perceived as unified energy - can also be recognised as multi-layered energy of various frequencies. In Western culture we have been conditioned with the idea of a 'trinity' of forces, combining to create the human being. Modern culture labels the trinity as Mind, Body and Spirit. However, my experience of human consciousness is far more nuanced. Through my studies in meditation, mindfulness and psychic development, I have identified a multidimensional model of human consciousness that expands beyond the traditional trines of the past.  Eight of these layers of consciousness are explored in my first two books, The Love of the Universe and Mul