Protection or Paranoia? - Feeling the Fear and Doing Things Anyway

Spirituality has always been a great comfort to me. There are many things we are subject to, over which we have no control. Like the weather, world affairs and other people. It can be frustrating when the world doesn't always reflect our own personal values.

But life must go on. We need to find a way to live in a world that isn't always safe and perfect. Otherwise we would all find ourselves trapped in our homes, too afraid to open the door. Protection rituals have always given me comfort when - in spite of anxiety - I have had to go out into the world. Well-meaning people are quick to point out what can go wrong 'out there.' But few are willing to buy me a treadmill so I can run inside!

I was out running when the winter sun broke through a week of grey and rain. But I barely noticed the warmth on my arms, already bare from the heat of running. I was busy fretting over the words of a couple of people who have warned me this week about our safety in the world. I usually have music up pretty loud. But today it was subdued as I listened for the movements around me.

But it's all so useless really, because what about the man I passed on the footpath, carrying his laptop away from the library? Am I not just as much at risk from him as from a stranger leaping out of the bushes and catching me by surprise? The troubling truth is that we are more likely to be killed by our partners than strangers. For some, it's probably safer to get out of the house!

We know that exercise and sunshine are important for physical and mental health. Especially during winter when our Vitamin D stores can deplete. For me it's a necessary part of avoiding the 'winter blues.' There's actually nothing I can do about strangers in the bushes, or laptop carrying walkers. The best I can do is walk during daylight hours when others are around, pray or make a magickal amulet to invoke the idea of safety. An amulet can't really protect me from bad people - unless it includes an especially large crystal - but through the power of belief, it can make me appear less fearful and perhaps a little stronger; less likely to be a target.

I wear a necklace that I have charged up with my intent to offer protection. But I have always been careful not to let its use cross over into superstition. Occasionally I will take off the necklace, to make sure I'm not dependant on it. Like all magick, the power isn't in the tool or trinket, but in the caster of the spell. The necklace is just there as a reminder of the energy I bestowed upon it in the first place. A reminder to protect myself.

Blessed Be X

Leanne Margaret © 2019

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