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Majickal Tarot 2021 Workshop Information

Workshop: Majickal Tarot Are you new to Tarot and unsure where to start? Are you still flipping through books after years of reading, struggling to memorise 78-card meanings AND their reversals? Would you like to learn how to swap between decks and read fluently, even decks you've never seen before? This isn't your usual Tarot course. Although I will provide some traditional tables and charts for you to learn at home, this workshop will teach you how to read Tarot without flapping through charts and books. All you'll need to carry is your cards. You will shift gear from a novice who learns from others' insights into a reader who can sit and fluently deliver their own perspective. Unlock 5 tricks to help you read ANY 78-card Tarot deck – No memorisation required. This is an IRL (in real life) workshop. You will learn: How to prepare yourself and your cards Psychic development techniques 4 ways into the minor arcana Attuning to the major arcana Building a story 2 styles o