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Psychic Protection - How Often Should You Do It?

When I first learned about psychic protection life was really busy. It was also a stage of heavy Photo from research for me, so I moved onto the next project quickly, without anchoring what I had learned about protection into the daily rituals of my life. It took many years and many dramas to teach me to perform psychic protection regularly. It's ok to perform some majickal workings once, but not psychic protection. It takes at least thirty days to anchor a new habit into the brain. After that, provided your new behaviour isn't neglected totally - it's ok to skip a day or two. Make sure your ritual is EASY. Otherwise it will be too hard to repeat. Elaborate ceremonies are fine for performing once; But you need your daily rituals to take seconds. Protection of your space sends a message out to the universe that you have marked your territory. It's one of those rituals that needs to be performed regularly, like locking your doors. With repetition th

A New Page - 7 Points on Blog Style

New page, new book. Every writer LOVES opening a brand new notebook. It's so rewarding that many of us even smell the pages! Although I didn't sniff this one, I cracked open the first page with a big smile. 😃 It's exciting to use a brand new clean book that doesn't have multiple scraps of paper stapled and sticky-taped into it. I've been a little lax of late, so it seems like a good time to review the way I write my blog posts. 1. Economy After having written two books and multiple blog posts and workshops, I have discovered a thing I call 'word burnout.' This means I have a word limit, both speaking, writing and listening. So as I approach writing a brand new book, I want to funnel most of my writing time into that. My weekend blog post needs to be shorter and less time intensive than previous posts. 2. Clarity Keeping it short means focussing more sharply on a single idea or suggestion. I would like to stop trying to say SO MUCH in each p

When Energy Slumps!

I've been adapting to some changes in my life and had been holding my equilibrium well, until this week. It has been an eventful and challenging week. I started teaching a new term of bellydance classes feeling a little wired. The practice of dance helped me to ground some of the physical tension I had taken on. But I was heading for a bit of a descent. I didn't really plan on losing as much energy as I did through the past week. I have left myself with a deficit that requires a little healing. So now I'm in retreat mode - taking care of the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of my being. My book, The Love of the Universe describes Principle 2 - My energy rises and falls. Recalling the words helps me to understand why my energy is low today; Why I'm writing a personal reflection instead of the usual longer, planned out article complete with photo. I know my energy will return. It always does. It is the nature of energy to rise and fall in a continual danc