Psychic Protection - How Often Should You Do It?

When I first learned about psychic protection life was really busy. It was also a stage of heavy
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research for me, so I moved onto the next project quickly, without anchoring what I had learned about protection into the daily rituals of my life. It took many years and many dramas to teach me to perform psychic protection regularly. It's ok to perform some majickal workings once, but not psychic protection.

It takes at least thirty days to anchor a new habit into the brain. After that, provided your new behaviour isn't neglected totally - it's ok to skip a day or two.

Make sure your ritual is EASY. Otherwise it will be too hard to repeat. Elaborate ceremonies are fine for performing once; But you need your daily rituals to take seconds.

Protection of your space sends a message out to the universe that you have marked your territory. It's one of those rituals that needs to be performed regularly, like locking your doors. With repetition the practise raises more and more energy.

Unlike locking your physical doors, psychic protection works with energy. Therefore space and time don't matter. After you have set a routine of repetition and built up lots of power, you can be somewhere else, imagining performing the ritual. So when I've forgotten to perform my daily ritual in the usual place, I can still lay in bed and imagine performing it properly. You can also psychically perform your rituals from another location completely.

There are a few occasions where you should re-charge your ritual:

  1. Visitors - People are influenced by all kinds of energies, ancestors and guides. After your visitors have left, make sure their team have gone too.
  2. Phone calls - Receiving a phone call is like receiving a visitor into your energetic space. 
  3. Psychic attack - If you have been attacked verbally or electronically.
  4. Arguments and Intense emotions - Protection rituals can help you move on from these situations and rest. 
  5. Physical attack - AFTER you have made yourself and/or home and property physically safe, repeat all protection rituals thoroughly.
  6. Illness - Many illnesses travel invisibly from person to person. Working with psychic protection is working with our invisible forces. 
  7. New home - Start all over again if you move house. This means creating a new ritual for a new space and repeating it initially for at least thirty days again. It takes time to clear away the energy of previous owners or builders and establish your own energy in a space. 
You will have as much protective energy as you invest. Assess for yourself whether you need more or less by your feelings of safety and strength. Remember - it is YOUR consciousness that you are affecting. If you feel weak and unable to protect yourself, you need to charge up your protection energy.

If you are threatened by something that feels bigger than you are, ask for the protection of guides, angels, ancestors or whatever protective archetypes are meaningful to you. You have a team of spirits on the other side of the veil working to help you.

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Stay safe and be well X

Leanne Margaret ©️ 2018


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