When Energy Slumps!

I've been adapting to some changes in my life and had been holding my equilibrium well, until this week. It has been an eventful and challenging week. I started teaching a new term of bellydance classes feeling a little wired. The practice of dance helped me to ground some of the physical tension I had taken on. But I was heading for a bit of a descent.

I didn't really plan on losing as much energy as I did through the past week. I have left myself with a deficit that requires a little healing. So now I'm in retreat mode - taking care of the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of my being.

My book, The Love of the Universe describes Principle 2 - My energy rises and falls. Recalling the words helps me to understand why my energy is low today; Why I'm writing a personal reflection instead of the usual longer, planned out article complete with photo.

I know my energy will return. It always does. It is the nature of energy to rise and fall in a continual dance of rest and renewal. I have learned to work with these energies and recognise my limits and abilities as they ebb and flow.

So, in retreat mode means rest, reflection, self-care, nutrition, gentle exercise on the yoga mat and limited involvement with the outside world.

I also recognised the need to brighten my outlook, so I read a little from a book by one of my spiritual teachers. Brightening my mental outlook this way helped me to raise the energy I needed to start to re-nourish my physical and emotional aspects. Otherwise this blog post wouldn't have been written. Also, I built a reward into the decision to open the computer at all - I'm about to watch some Neflix.

Fallen in retreat;
Nourishing, resting, being.
I will rise again.

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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