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Intuitive Writing – A New Door Opens

Do you have doubts about your writing? I know about doubt, too.  Who am I to teach writing? I don't have a university degree. My books are self-published. Grammar isn't my strength. I can't say much about style or quality. I'm only an emerging writer. These are the things I told myself when someone suggested I teach a writing workshop, following the sudden end to my dance career.  But a doorway opened in my mind. So the next time I sat in front of my computer for another online course, I watched the presenter and thought to myself, I can do this . I thought to myself, I might not be able to teach the craft of writing, but I can get writers writing . I know how to open creative pathways, and plumb the depths of the archetypal world within us. I can do this because of my training in intuitive development. Back when I was writing my first courses in tarot and intuitive development, I realised I was teaching people how to look at symbols and write or speak about them. Just