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Five Things I Learned From My Cat

Settling into my new funky apartment took a long time.   My emotionally challenged cat appeared to be settling in better that me and I wondered how she seemed to know how to relax in our new home.   I began to watch her, taking notice of her routines.   I was writing a book at the time.   Exploring human emotion formed part of this work, initiating an understanding of ‘creature consciousness.’   In our mechanized, computerized world, it’s easy to forget ‘creature consciousness.’   Living energy runs in cycles, organic and sometimes unpredictable, naturally seeking to balance itself with its expression.   I began to learn from my cat, as ‘animal guide,’ a ‘teacher’ of what it is to be a ‘feeling’ human.   I had been too long a ‘thinking’ human, a ‘doing’ human, needing to balance and prevent the regular burnouts stunting my life.   I learned five ‘creature comforts’ from my animal teacher. Find Sunny Places:   Cats are the first to find that sunny spot.   Putting my desk by the wind