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Using New Moon Power to SuperCharge Your Goal Manifestation

Writers are great at procrastination. My favourite method is to jam my brain with multiple ideas, so that nothing happens and I open some chips. I've run out of chips! So here's my belated summer solstice blog post - joined with a little info on how to use the energy of the new moon in your sign this year. Grab a cuppa, it's basically 2 blog posts written together.
Summer Solstice I like to celebrate the summer solstice, which falls on the 22nd December in the southern hemisphere. It corresponds with Thanksgiving and is a remnant of the pagan seasonal festival where the sun's peak was honoured each year, along with the summer harvest. This is the time of year when I like to look back and acknowledge my successes or metaphorical fruits for the year. Acknowledging our achievements helps to keep the positive energy and motivation flowing.
New Moon Majick But now the solstice has passed and many of us are earnestly setting our new year's resolutions. I like to do this …


Lakeside calls my feet. I flow down the hillside, as Words fall into lines.
Running up the edge Like eager children and dogs The breeze wipes me clear.
Now the words are gone. Valley-green, Water-blue, lake view, Reeds rustle and squawk.
Summer’s Fire sky. Dogs pulling people, toward Sausage smells and bread.
When the Air is still The water turns mirrored So we see the sky.
Sand-path, Earth and rock; Trees gather into forest Where swamp frogs bellow.
Blankets on couch grass Up green hills - shaded by trees - Where the readers, read.
Houses all surround Quarry ghosts and flour mill - People come like bees.
Lakeside artist tribe Viewing from the edge of things, Living between worlds. 
Above and below, Where the Water meets the Earth Stirred by Air and Sun We create the World.
Leanne Margaret ©2018
P.S. A couple of years ago, 2014 I think, I read something about a style of Haiku that contained multiple stanzas and a quatrain or two. Now I can't find the info. If any readers know of s…

If I Were My Birthmother.

(I know she'll never read this )

If I were my birthmother, I would be proud Of my eldest daughter.
If I were my birthmother, I would be curious And get on Google.
If I were my birthsisters, I would want to know about The one who got away.
If I were my birthsisters, I would want to see what My other sister looks like.
If I were my birthfamily, A pregnant daughter Wouldn’t need to stay with a bad man.
I’m glad I’m not my birthmother, Trapped within a new empire- Still bound to her tribe like a scar.
I’m glad I’m not my birthsisters, Being flung around her orbit Like psychotic juggernauts.
I’m glad I’m not my birthfamily, Bound by culture and genes To replicate the stories.
Cast outside the tribe of birthmother, birthsisters and birthfamily- I am free. 
Leanne Margaret ©2018

You Are A Powerful Multidimensional Being

Hi Readers

I've been busy creating some new pages on this blog site. As I was writing the 'who am I' page, I felt compelled to write about some of the principles underlying all of my work. Then it all got a bit long!

So I decided to copy and paste the content into a blog post instead.

Although I seem to write about lots of topics, they are all influenced by my own personal values; that is - what matters to me.

What Matters to MePersonal sovereignty: Which means that I'm not here to be anyone's guru. YOU are the guru - for yourself only.Personal evolution: We are all growing, learning and evolving in response to constantly changing challenges. This learning represents our continual evolution as individuals.Creative evolution: This means we are not passive travellers through the travails of evolutionary progress. We are the creators of our lives. We are conscious participants, capable of change and self-determined growth. There are aspects of our lives we can change…

Do You Struggle With Intrusive Thoughts? Try These 3 Words...

The most constant reminder of PTSD for me, is intrusive thoughts. People who have them usually
understand why someone would want to blow their head off - 'Fight Club' style.

But this is a blog dedicated to positivity and personal growth, so I want to share an effective trick I have been using to manage some persistent inner chatter:

'Be Here Now - Just me.'

I find simple word statements to be a powerful form of personal energy management. These ones bring me back to wherever I am, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. They also help me stop worrying about others.

Now I have the words plastered to my kitchen cupboard to remind me.

I know that many people suffer from PTSD and that stress and other illnesses might cause intrusive thoughts. Maybe these majick words can help anyone prone to distraction and disassociation.

They really helped me get some good work done this week. Let me know in the comments if they help you too.

No matter what happens, just keep return…

Why Your Words Are Your Life


How Badly Does This World Need More Love Right Now?

We Can't Fix the Whole World - But We Can Evolve Ourselves... What do I mean by Love? I don't mean the kind of love where someone covets a person, place or thing for their own possession. I'm referring to the life-affirming energy of the universe - available to all.
The kind of love that can be bestowed upon a person, without owning or controlling the person.
The kind of love that can expand beyond the personal to encompass our living planet.
The kind of love that supports people and encourages life - while doing no harm.
Connecting to this kind of love begins with the self...
This kind of love can help you: Feel happier about getting up in the morning.Reduce and manage stress.Find your still centre.Make the most of what you have, even on your bad days.Feel more at ease with life's ups and downs.Bring more love into your life.Learn how to love without loving too much.Increase feelings of self-worth.Re-connect to self-care following trauma.Silence the abuser within.Empow…

Are Psychics Psycho?

I was just watching a video on Facebook. I seriously can't remember the topic now. I turned it off pretty quickly, when, in the short video, the presenter took the time to mention that she doesn't believe in psychics. This type of snap judgement aggravates me because it communicates a deeply entrenched misunderstanding of what it actually means to be psychic.  That is one of the reasons I wrote my first book. I wanted to show that we all have the potential to operate at higher, more psychic levels of functioning. We are more than body and mind. We are sensitive emotional, electrical beings capable of refined perception, creativity and creative evolution.  The model I designed for my book is based on a combination of various schools of thought. It describes 8 different facets of human consciousness. This blog introduces the Sixth facet or dimension of human consciousness. There is nothing spooky or magical about it! Simply put, it is human imagination. During earlier stages of…

Winter Blues Busters

Each year, the first blossoms of spring lull me into a false sense of relief. The sunny yellow wattle tree flowering by my driveway promises warmth. The flowers have dropped, now compost, heaped in piles in every corner, walked inside on our shoes. I remember the reality of September. It's still cold.

I did well this year. I somehow maintained a daily walking habit through most of winter. I was convinced I had somehow recovered from my general wuzziness around anything below 22 degrees. But then I came down with a cold, not a bad one, just bad enough to stop me from getting outside for my walks.

A couple weeks of this and my new-found winter resiliency vanished. I felt lazy and whiney. It was time to remember my magick. Not the spooky kind with cloaks and daggers - the practical kind that helps us get shit done - akin to positive thinking. There are lots of basic things we can do to alter our consciousness. Here are some of my favourites:
Walking The top energy-affirming activity …

Book Review: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck

The cover of the book drew my eye as I walked passed a tiny new age bookshop. I was writing my first book at the time and was enduring a 'book ban' to help me focus. But this book looked important. So I picked it up. A spaciousness entered my energy field like a fresh breeze and I knew I would buy the book: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck. I barely even read the back cover!

I peeked at the first few pages and was gripped! But unfortunately, in 2012, I had to stop reading the book as soon as I started, lest I accidentally reproduce the author's ideas into my own. I was creating a mystically inspired work that I didn't want to reference heavily with others' ideas.

So years passed. But the universe moves in serendipitous ways. As it turned out, 2018 was the perfect year to read The Emerald Tablet. This remarkable book offered me a mirror in which to reflect on all that had happened since I had purchased it. Transformative years where the innate powers of al…

How LOVE Changed My Life

It was 2010 and for a shit-storm of reasons, my former life had begun to dissolve. I violently grappled with the transition for the next four years. My values around home and family were constantly being challenged until I became willing to release them. Then in 2014 I let go of my house, condensing my life into an apartment. It was time for me to surrender ideas around my identity as wife, mother and domestic goddess. I needed to stop playing house and focus on my life purpose. Trying to merge the two wasn't working.

This didn't happen quickly. I was experiencing the peak of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which made the process of change overwhelmingly difficult and dramatic. Transitional rage filled my days for some time as I realised the realities of apartment life. I felt assaulted by the noises and needs of the other occupants.

It took three more years for me to learn how to manage the aggravations around me and channel my energy into my work. Eventually I created my firs…


Yesterday has burned.
This nest is made of fire.
Transfigured, I rise.

Words by Leanne Margaret © 2018 Image from Pixabay CC

The Calling

Do you hear the call of your soul?

I don't know if everyone hears a calling or not? Do we all come purpose made and then forget as we squeeze in our alphabets and sums? Education assumes we start out as blank slates on which to etch out a proper person. But what if in etching out a proper person we are scrubbing away something vital, something soulful, something purpose-made?

My call to writing came as soon as I began to read. I announced my plans to my mother and it was always assumed I would eventually be a writer. Most importantly, I believed it. No matter how many times the path veered off, I was always writing and I knew that no matter what, all paths would lead to me finally committing to being a focussed and productive, even published writer.

As for the shape my writing would take, by 10 years old I was reading Raymond Moody's Life After Death and experimenting with meditation. I found meditation to be innate and it helped me deal with some considerable life challenges …

Placebo? Or Self-Healed?

With trepidation I switched on TV program "The Interview," hosted by Andrew Denton. Although usually a fan of Andrew Denton, I feared a little for his guest, Charlie Goldsmith, healer.

As I watched the healer being questioned in Denton's chair I couldn't help recalling images of sacrificial lambs and public crucifixions. I squirmed towards the remote control repeatedly, ready to flee a 'roasting.' With cynicism I assumed the healer was being interviewed, not to assist in the wellbeing of the human race, but for the entertainment of people who believe only in what they can see.

Fresh faced and golden, like his name, Charlie Goldsmith engaged the sceptical interviewer in an energy sensitivity test, a technique used by many students of psychic development, including myself. Of course Denton was unable to feel the energy delivered to his outstretched hand. The healer was unsurprised. It wouldn't have surprised any healer. It was Andrew Denton's job at tha…

Happy Mother's Day Mother Earth


Healing Hands

Motivation was high this week. Pleased with my first author talk at Seville Community House (with author Debra Marks), I
returned my focus to the intimidating task of editing. I even managed a little writing, but mainly I'm writing choreographies for my Majickal Bellydance class.

Busy days usually tire people out. But not me! The busier the day the more hyper I get and the harder it is to get to sleep. This week I have been employing breathing exercises, visualisation and calming techniques. I've learned how to settle my mind, but physically, I've been pretty wound up.

Recalling what I wrote about Dimension One (the body) of human consciousness in my book, I used a self-soothing strategy I call the Healing Hand. It can be used anywhere, but I focussed on the period of time right before sleep when I was in bed.

You don't have to be a mum, a reiki channel or a massage therapist to invoke the power of therapeutic touch. The Healing Hand technique calms the physical body w…

'I Like' Lists

Mornings aren't my best time. Many of my journal entries reflect this. So this week I introduced a new way to finish my more challenged entries on a brighter note.

You may have heard of the 'gratitude list.' It's a personal growth practice where a list is written of
anything to be grateful for. The activity helps to invoke a positive outlook. Energetically, it charges up the solar plexus (sun) energy centre, raising power, confidence and creative potential.

There are occasions where my mind is not receptive to the word 'gratitude.' An 'I like list' is simply a softer version of the gratitude list. It is based on the same principles and has the same effect as a gratitude list. Both practices shine the light of our consciousness onto the aspects of our world that we feel positive about.

The first thing on two of my lists was "I like coffee." It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you keep it positive. Lots of people in the media seem…

When Not Writing is Writing

Writing stalled last week, but that doesn't mean I'm not creating. As a writer I'm a bit like mushrooms: Under the correct conditions I will fruit all at once, but mostly I'm working away underground and out of sight.
For me, creative energy is cyclical, sometimes introverted and sometimes extroverted. So even if I'm not working actively on my projects every day, I'm still thinking about them. The word has to be thought before it is written.
Although the editing of my second book is excruciatingly slow at the moment, I have been journaling daily - sometimes several times daily. My writing hand and my writing voice are still being exercised in private.
When a fork appears in the road it can be necessary to stop and review. I had been preparing to commence writing a new non-fiction book, but there's a novel in my head that won't leave me alone. I have a short draft, but it needs proper planning and rewriting. This is a different style of writing for me that …