The Calling

Do you hear the call of your soul?

I don't know if everyone hears a calling or not? Do we all come purpose made and then forget as we squeeze in our alphabets and sums? Education assumes we start out as blank slates on which to etch out a proper person. But what if in etching out a proper person we are scrubbing away something vital, something soulful, something purpose-made?

My call to writing came as soon as I began to read. I announced my plans to my mother and it was always assumed I would eventually be a writer. Most importantly, I believed it. No matter how many times the path veered off, I was always writing and I knew that no matter what, all paths would lead to me finally committing to being a focussed and productive, even published writer.

As for the shape my writing would take, by 10 years old I was reading Raymond Moody's Life After Death and experimenting with meditation. I found meditation to be innate and it helped me deal with some considerable life challenges at the time. I was passionately curious about astrology, tarot and all things spiritual. My secret self-education had begun.

Psychic development requires us to look at an infinite selection of symbols and write or speak them into a sensible narrative that is empathic toward the listener. I have come to realise just how much my callings have enriched each other. Their sacred marriage continues to bear fruit.

I believe people are purpose-made, even our challenges. Especially our challenges, for they give us a reason to climb. It is the climb up from our challenges that makes us strong and empowers us to grow beyond what we once were. The steeper the climb, the smarter we have to be to climb it.

Like many of us, my path has been crossed with enough challenges to keep me striving for evolution. The energy is still building and I know I haven't peaked yet. Although my studies and my life have left me brimming over with ideas, I'm just beginning, a 'baby writer' still.

Life is still far from perfect, but I am content in it's imperfection and enjoy the unfoldment of each day. All that I am, has a place. Being thrown completely off-balance has finally led to a life that feels more balanced than ever; With spaciousness enough to hear, and act upon my callings every day.

Wishing you the ears to hear the call of your soul...

Leanne Margaret © 2018

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