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Winter Blues Busters

Each year, the first blossoms of spring lull me into a false sense of relief. The sunny yellow wattle tree flowering by my driveway promises warmth. The flowers have dropped, now compost, heaped in piles in every corner, walked inside on our shoes. I remember the reality of September. It's still cold. I did well this year. I somehow maintained a daily walking habit through most of winter. I was convinced I had somehow recovered from my general wuzziness around anything below 22 degrees. But then I came down with a cold, not a bad one, just bad enough to stop me from getting outside for my walks. A couple weeks of this and my new-found winter resiliency vanished. I felt lazy and whiney. It was time to remember my magick. Not the spooky kind with cloaks and daggers - the practical kind that helps us get shit done - akin to positive thinking. There are lots of basic things we can do to alter our consciousness. Here are some of my favourites: Walking The top energy-affirming