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Majickal Bellydance Workshop Information

The Seven Circles of Majickal Bellydance with Leanne Margaret Join us as we thaw the winter chills and begin raising energy ready to devote to spring’s beginning. The Seven Circles Workshop will take place as the Winter Solstice passes and the Sun begins to lengthen our days Focusing on our own private dance enjoyment, the Seven Circles Workshop is 2 hours of energy raising dance with some meditation breaks to contemplate our inner experience and rest the body. It dances like a taster workshop, including a warm up session and progressive dance drills to awaken the whole body and spirit. The majick is in the meditation, drawing the dancer progessively into herself, where the circles can be felt and articulated into natural spiralling movements that need no instruction, once found within. Participants need to be warm and comfortable, as dance drill sessions will be interspersed with carpeted floor rest. Dress in layers. Exercise clothing with a fitted top and soft scarf aro

The Esoteric Meaning of Coming 7 Circles Workshop

I am preparing for an afternoon of gentle, casual, lounge-worthy bellydance in a toasty warm and homey Healesville yoga studio. Details to follow in next post............... The last six years of my dance journey has turned my attention toward the inner realms of the dance of life.    Your gift from the underworld of my experience is improved understanding of blocks that can distract energy away from otherwise well executed dance movements. Often these blocks exist on levels that are non-physical in origin; hence no amount of dance drills can loosen these energies until they are understood at their own level of reality.  I have found that it is not always possible or appropriate to remove physical blocks for various reasons. Dancers will work within the boundaries of their own body, gently coaxing energy into fluidty only as comfortable and safe. This means Majickal Bellydance is suitable for all levels of fitness. I have developed the Seven Circles Workshop to initiate awareness