The Esoteric Meaning of Coming 7 Circles Workshop

I am preparing for an afternoon of gentle, casual, lounge-worthy bellydance in a toasty warm and homey Healesville yoga studio. 
The last six years of my dance journey has turned my attention toward the inner realms of the dance of life.  Your gift from the underworld of my experience is improved understanding of blocks that can distract energy away from otherwise well executed dance movements. Often these blocks exist on levels that are non-physical in origin; hence no amount of dance drills can loosen these energies until they are understood at their own level of reality. 

I have found that it is not always possible or appropriate to remove physical blocks for various reasons. Dancers will work within the boundaries of their own body, gently coaxing energy into fluidty only as comfortable and safe. This means Majickal Bellydance is suitable for all levels of fitness.

I have developed the Seven Circles Workshop to initiate awareness of the multidimensional experience of the dance of life. Therefore the esoteric purpose of the Seven Circles Workshop is to initiate conscious connection between the dancing body and the non-physical dimensions energising it. I believe that by increasing mindfullness within each movement through dance and through life, can assist us to generate security, balance and increased mastery over the flow of living energy.
Living energy is the creative energy of the universe. Bellydance channels living energy throughout our body, stimulating, cleansing and balancing organs and mobilising connective tissue and joints.
Living energy expresses itself in various dimensions in a way similar to how sound is channelled via different types of speaker size, from the bass to the tweeter.  Living energy at the physical level expresses itself into the form of our body.  Non-physical living energy is expressed in such realities as feeling, thought, empathy, expression, visionary experience and our connection to the universe. These less palpable energies are as much a part of our dance as the physcial energies of our body.
Living energy has a dual aspect representing either introverted and extroverted expression. The Goddess or Yin energy is invoked into the spaces between the dance moves. It is a personal, introverted energy dedicated to the body. The God or Yang energy is invoked into the action of the dance moves.  It is less personal and more directed toward the accomplishment of external goals such as choreography and performance. The Seven Circles Workshop honours the bright lights of expressive dance while emphasising the dark inner world of our connection to its shapes and ripples.
Yarra Valley Yoga Studio is the perfect venue for a number of reasons. First, it is set among the hills of the Yarra Ranges in an area known for it’s therapeutic effect: ‘Heal’ esville. Second, it contains a big heater, enough said. Third, the thickest carpet you’ve ever felt makes you glad there are massive cushions on the floor instead of chairs. Fourth, I have collaborated before with the also rather majickal studio owner Libby.

It will be great to catch up with some majickal dancers again. Workshops are going to be a good medium for majickal bellydance I think. I look forward to getting back into a dance groove.

See you soon dancers...Keep an eye on this blog for the latest post regarding current classes.
Blessed be X
Leanne Margaret © 2016 


  1. I would love to know more about bellydance and can't wait to read about the studio thing in your next post. Do share it on time for your readers, thanks

  2. Hi thanks for your interest. That workshop was last year (2016). But I will be posting info on the next series of Spring 2017 classes soon.


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