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Does the Rise of Individualism Kill Love?

Individualism is trending. Baby-boomers can often be heard commenting on how selfish and entitled young people have become. They are noticing a shift in consciousness that is different to the post-war era. A changing paradigm is emerging in the human zeitgeist, given a range of names with various connotations: The me generation The age of the individual The age of Aquarius A dimensional shift Whatever you call it, the rise of individualism is changing how people see themselves positioned in the world. People are realising that they are important. But does that make people 'self-important?' Does all this self-love make people less inclined toward loving action for the benefit of others? Are younger generations really becoming more selfish? Are People Really Becoming More Selfish? Young people are actually becoming more socially aware. This week an article was posted on social media about a young boy from Ohio: Mikah Frye, 9 years old, sold his Xbox to buy blankets