2020 Event Schedule


Workshop: Tarot in 2 Hours

Sunday 22nd November 2020

Are you new to Tarot and unsure where to start?

Are you still flipping through books after years of reading, struggling to memorise 78-card meanings AND their reversals?

Would you like to learn how to swap between decks and read fluently, even decks you've never seen before?

This isn't your usual Tarot course. Although I will provide some traditional tables and charts for you to learn at home, this workshop will teach you how to read Tarot without flapping through charts and books. All you'll need to carry is your cards.

You will shift gear from a novice who learns from others' insights into a reader who can sit and fluently deliver their own perspective.

Unlock 5 tricks to help you read ANY 78-card Tarot deck – No memorisation required.

You will learn:
  • How to prepare yourself and your cards
  • Psychic development techniques
  • 4 ways into the minor arcana
  • Attuning to the major arcana
  • Building a story
  • 2 styles of tarot spread
  • How to continue learning at home
Only $30

Phone: 5964 3987

Seville Community House
8 Railway Road, Seville, Victoria 3139
More info will soon be available at:

Please book asap as restrictions to class numbers apply due to COVID.

You will need to bring your own 78-card Tarot deck. Oracle cards are not suitable for this workshop. You can purchase your new deck locally from the following location:
Happiness Heals
Shop 2
91 - 111 Brice Ave
Mooroolbark 3138
03 9726 8924

Classes: Majickal Bellydance

6:30pm Wednesdays, 11th November - 16th December (6-week term)

Majickal Bellydance is back at CIRE Chirnside Community Hub Studio for term four classes.

Whether you are new to belly dance or have attended classes before, Majickal Bellydance can help you become more mindful of your movements, your energies and your ability to improvise to music from a place of individuality and creativity. 

You will learn the basic movements of belly dance, as well as the empowerment to discover more for yourself at home. I believe the circles, shakes and undulations of belly dance are innate movements that need only be remembered, once we believe we can dance. 

Majickal Bellydance can help you to:
  • Strengthen your core
  • Improve strength and balance
  • Grow in confidence and grace
  • Develop tone and shake out toxins
  • Improve mobility
  • Learn to dance like no-one is watching, even if they are!

Only $90

Or Phone: 1300 835 235

CIRE Chirnside Community Hub
33 Kimberley Drive
Chirnside Park, Victoria, 3116

Please book asap as restrictions to class numbers apply due to COVID.

Bare feet or ballet flats are ok for belly dance. You need to be able to flex and roll your feet as well as feel the floor beneath you. Please bring a covered water bottle and a scarf to tie around your hips. A sarong works well if you don't have a scarf. If you have a belly dance coin belt then bring it along and make some noise. Dress in exercise gear or your favourite belly dance costume. 

See you in class X.

Past Workshops:


Classes: Majickal Bellydance Via Zoom

Live from Wednesday 15th July - Wednesday 19th August, 
or via recorded video link any time during the term.

Belly dance classes via Zoom
Mindfulness exists beyond the brain. Consciousness exists at different levels throughout your whole body and even beyond it. Therefore the body cannot be ignored in your mindfulness practice. Join me for my special style of dance that is centred on creating mindfulness and full-body consciousness. Find out more by reading the latest blog post about how I transitioned from studio classes to online classes via Zoom. Now anyone, anywhere, for this term at least, can access Majickal Bellydance.

*You save $30, but only for term 3 2020, after which the rate will return to normal.  

2019 Event Schedule


Author Talk - Multidimensional Meditation

Join me at Seville Community House as I discuss my new book. You will experience a guided meditation that will help you discover your multidimensional consciousness. 

Learn the difference between mindful and spiritual styles of meditation as we chat about the ideas in the book and how it came into being. 

Copies of the new book will be available for purchase, as well as my first book, The Love of the Universe. You will also be able to have your book/s signed by me. 


Book Launch - Multidimensional Meditation

You are a multidimensional being, meditation can help you understand your different layers and how to master your consciousness
Book: Multidimensional Meditation
Did you know that anyone can meditate?
Join me for the launch of my new book: Multidimensional Meditation: A step-by-step guide to discovering how easy meditation can be. 

You can purchase a book and have it signed by me.

Or just come along to experience a meditation session for yourself.

The session will include:

  • Author talk 
  • Reading from the book
  • Guided meditation
  • Tea & coffee

$ Free

Sunday 30th June from 1:30pm.
Lilydale Library
Box Hill Institute
Jarlo Drive
03) 9800 6457


For now you can explore articles to help you:

  • Work out.
  • Chill out.
  • Be more mindful.
  • Be more mobile.
  • Make magick.
  • Increase your creative power.
  • Travel multidimensional human consciousness.
  • Use New Age'y things.
  • Learn life affirming principles.
  • Invoke light and love.
  • Be the love of the universe.
  • Increase personal sovereignty.
  1. My author blog for writerly things. You can also find excerpts and video links related to my book and meditation work.
  2. My Majickal Bellydance Blog for dancerly things. You can find articles related to health and fitness, as well as up to date class information. There's also a photo gallery so you can see the history of Majickal Bellydance.

Leanne Margaret is teaching Majickal Bellydance at Seville in the Yarra Valley. But you may also find her at Bayswater and Healesville from time to time.
Majickal Bellydance

A sampling of articles...

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Bellydancer Habits That Keep You Young

Bellydance Medicine

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