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Lonely People

All the lonely people
Where have they all gone?
Spinning lights of World Wide Web
Each can uTube their own songs.
All the lonely people
The freakish and the weird
Judged lost, in wheels of human race
They weave colours bright and new
Weaving tomorrows world
The meek are inheriting.

Leanne Margaret (copyright 2013)


Shiver summer's sneeze
Nature speaks plain
Duality's denial fades
Revolution's opposing storms
Mood's violent, bright seasons
Returning to still, duality fades
Divided we were conquered whole
We limped through the ages to now
Whole we stand and walk with two feet
Weaving will and vision
Flowing streams tween Yin and Yang
Integrating light-full strings
Making bright the halves of things
Competitions end
All One Globe sprouts many feet
Divided how could we ever roll?

Leanne Margaret (copyright 2013)