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7 Dos and Don'ts When You're Stressing Out

Well Cabin Fever is setting in. Not because I'm bored or especially isolated like the elderly, but because life can contain 'issues,' and for the past couple of months several of my panic buttons have been simultaneously pressed. Some, such as job loss, relate to the Carona Virus and its effects, but others are family related. On that level - my isolation is real.

So, for my benefit as much as yours, I thought it might be helpful to create a list of dos and don'ts to remember when the shit is at risk of hitting the fan. These tips can help to disperse or re-route intense emotional energy into productive, or at least not destructive, directions.
1. Don't  use social media or mobile phones in a panic. Your response might make perfect sense when you feel stressed, but later when your judgement returns you'll be scrambling to clean up your profile and will possibly be suffering from SMS-guilt. Remember - you can't delete a DM or SMS!
Do keep a journal or video …

Easy Easter Egg Majick Creativity Ritual

Happy Easter at home everyone. I hope you're enjoying eating everyone's easter eggs. I have been happily munching away on my daughter's mini chocolate bunnies. But I'm saving the bigger egg for a ritual. You might like to join me - it's really easy. You just need a chocolate easter egg, bunny or whatever - as long as it's hollow. Solid won't work for this particular ritual.

If you read all the way to the end you'll find what I've called a 'power phrase.'  It's a short sentence for deeper contemplation. Set Your IntentFirst set your intent for the coming year. This is where you really need to focus on one thing. Of course you can invoke the idea of various goals, but this scatters your energy. If you focus on bringing in a single goal - one at a time - you can focus more energy on each one, as well as maintain previous goals. 
Then when you have imagined what it is you want to achieve, try to reduce it to as few words as possible. 
Here are…

Trauma Rescue - What To Do When You're Freaking Out

A little over a decade ago I experienced several years of persistent loss and trauma. I was forced to pick up my broken pieces and start all over again. Previously I had been an avid reader, practitioner and even teacher within the positive thinking movement, but it was useless when I found myself in fight/flight mode, my heart racing, my thinking panicked and irrational.  Gradually over years of refinement under continuing stressful conditions, I created a set of tools that addressed not only calming the inner creature in trauma, but also transitioned that frightened creature out of terror and into empowerment.  Personally I have gained more of a sense of control over my life and my personal energy. And we know particularly during this pandemic that control is really just an idea we hold onto so we don’t fall down. But we can move ourselves out of trauma and gain more control over our own consciousness.  So here’s a step-by-step list of how I pull myself together and make lemonade w…

Back to Dimension Zero - Calming the Inner-Creature

I didn't write a book about meditation because I was perfect at it. In fact most of the material I had been writing wasn't about meditation at all but memoir. However, the memoir material was still too emotionally charged for me to face in a rational way. My nervous system, ravaged by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), was still wired to react to the slightest aggravation.

So as I learned how to rebuild my nervous system from the ground up - using what I knew about human consciousness - the material to structure my first book, The Love of the Universe, emerged. After I finished writing it I realised that I hadn't included enough practical exercises to generate the shifts in consciousness that I was enjoying myself. Somehow I needed to create a more practical, user-friendly version.

Fortunately I had written several guided meditations specifically designed to do the job, enough material to create a second book: Multidimensional Meditation. My intent was to show how easy…

Happy New 99 cent Books - January Only

Happy New Year to Readers, Past and Future The beginning of this new decade represents the end of one of the most testing decades of my life. It was also one of the most creative. I was crushed, but like cold pressed oil, out came my life's work. Apparently I do possess some skill with working under pressure after all!
To celebrate the positivity I feel entering the new decade, I would like offer my books, The Love of the Universe (published in 2017), or Multidimensional Meditation (published in 2019), for just $0.99. Multidimensional Meditation You've heard of mindfulness, most of us have these days - but did you know that you can experience mindfulness in multiple dimensions? This book is an easy step-by-step guide to making up your own meditations, as well as achieve more life balance.

Find out more while it's only 99 cents
The Love of the UniverseThis book forms part of a collective and urgent cry to humanity. It invites readers to connect with a sense of unconditional lo…