Easy Easter Egg Majick Creativity Ritual

Happy Easter at home everyone. I hope you're enjoying eating everyone's easter eggs. I have been happily munching away on my daughter's mini chocolate bunnies. But I'm saving the bigger egg for a ritual. You might like to join me - it's really easy. You just need a chocolate easter egg, bunny or whatever - as long as it's hollow. Solid won't work for this particular ritual.

If you read all the way to the end you'll find what I've called a 'power phrase.' 
It's a short sentence for deeper contemplation.

Set Your Intent

First set your intent for the coming year. This is where you really need to focus on one thing. Of course you can invoke the idea of various goals, but this scatters your energy. If you focus on bringing in a single goal - one at a time - you can focus more energy on each one, as well as maintain previous goals. 

Then when you have imagined what it is you want to achieve, try to reduce it to as few words as possible. 

Here are some examples to get you thinking:
  • World health
  • Get back to work
  • Find a new job
  • Reconnect with friends & family
  • Finish/start a project
  • Write a book/song/letter
  • Attract prosperity
  • Improve health/fitness
  • Life balance
  • Do a course
Although these examples are deliberately generic, be as specific as possible. Name the job/person/book/course/destination in as few words as possible, or reduce to a code word that clearly means the same thing, i.e. Cooking course.

So once you have your hollow chocolate treat and an idea, the only other thing you need is something to smash the chocolate with. I'm going to use a mortar and pestle, but you can use a spoon, hammer, rock or ashtray. Anything hard. 

The Majick

  1. Keeping foil intact to hold it all together, place easter egg in mortar or on chopping board. Use an upturned jar lid as an egg rest if it rolls away. 
  2. Sit or stand comfortably, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Let your breath deepen for a moment, allowing your abdomen to expand with each inhalation, and fall with each exhalation.
  3. Now Imagine a shaft of white light entering your head and building up in your heart with each inhalation.
  4. On your next exhalation, lightly touch the tip of your egg with the tip of your finger. Imagine the inside of your egg glowing green. With each exhalation the green glow grows.
  5. Imagine within the green glow, an image of what you want to achieve. You might see a movie-like image or simply a word. Any symbol will function perfectly well, as long as your goal is clear to you. 
  6. Imagine within the green glow, inside your egg, what your life will look like with your goal achieved. As if you could project yourself into the future and see it done. How will you feel? What sorts of things will you be doing then? Your story may be as big as the stars or as humble as a sandwich. It's up to you. This is about manifesting your life. 
  7. When you sense that the green glowing story has reached its peak, open your eyes and GENTLY smash the egg. Apply as much force as you wish to apply to your goal so that you can crack open the egg and release the energy without destroying it.
  8. While you are eating your egg, think of the first little thing you can do towards achieving your stated goal. Make it happen in whatever way you usually make stuff happen: reminder, diary, post-it, or the best one of all - do it right now! 

Make it Happen

When the ritual is over the majick really begins. Now is the time to turn your majick into reality by setting a real mini-goal you can achieve today. One that works toward your major goal in some way. Believe it is done and act accordingly. You're now just waiting for the timelines to match up. Each minute you invest into your goal kicks the cogs around another notch in your favour. 

Have fun with this one. The more joy you invest the better the spirit of your manifestations. 
Note: This spell has been crafted to ensure you only reach for what your heart desires. 

Be Well X.

Powerphrase: You are the egg.

Additional Information: This ritual combines energies from Dimensions Zero, One, Three, Four and Six of Human Consciousness. For more information on multidimensional consciousness and how to create your life with your meditation practice see my short book. It's also an easy guide to meditation for those who can't meditate.

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Leanne Margaret © 2020


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