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I Like, Lists

Mornings aren't my best time. Many of my journal entries reflect this. So this week I introduced a new way to finish my more challenged entries on a brighter note. You may have heard of the Gratitude List. It's a personal growth practice where a list is written of The I Like List anything to be grateful for. The activity helps to invoke a positive outlook. Energetically, it charges up the solar plexus (sun) energy centre, raising power, confidence and creative potential. There are occasions where my mind is not receptive to the word gratitude. The I Like List is simply a softer version of the Gratitude List. It is based on the same principles and has the same effect as a gratitude list. Both practices shine the light of our consciousness onto the aspects of our world that we feel positive about. The first thing on two of my lists was, 'I like coffee.' It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you keep it positive. Lots of people in the media seem to b

When Not Writing is Writing

Writing stalled last week, but that doesn't mean I'm not creating. As a writer I'm a bit like mushrooms: Under the correct conditions I will fruit all at once, but mostly I'm working away underground and out of sight. For me, creative energy is cyclical, sometimes introverted and sometimes extroverted. So even if I'm not working actively on my projects every day, I'm still thinking about them. The word has to be thought before it is written. Although the editing of my second book is excruciatingly slow at the moment, I have been journaling daily - sometimes several times daily. My writing hand and my writing voice are still being exercised in private. When a fork appears in the road it can be necessary to stop and review. I had been preparing to commence writing a new non-fiction book, but there's a novel in my head that won't leave me alone. I have a short draft, but it needs proper planning and rewriting. This is a different style of writi

Blog Burnout

A break from blogging wasn't part of the plan for April. Screen burnout is a thing and I had it. I may still have it. But there are a few exciting things I need to talk about this week. This term of Majickal Bellydance includes choreography. I have enjoyed writing a new spiritual dance to share with the class. I have also revised an old favourite, one that makes me smile. I hope it makes the dancers of Seville smile too. I'm really pleased that class begins again this Thursday 19th April. Writers' group begins again at Seville Community House this Wednesday 18th April. This group is run by crime-fiction author Debra Marks. Debra will also be joining me at Seville Community House for an author talk on Sunday 29th April.  Together, we will be sharing our experience with self-publishing and starting a writing business. Bring along your questions and fears about self-publishing. We don't know everything, but we are well on our way and love to talk with interested w