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The Antidote to Terror is Love

The antidote to terror is love . Values related to expansion and competition have left many human beings isolated from each other, country against country and group against group. It's as if we have forgotten we are all sharing the same planet and that what affects one can ripple outward to affect all. Many events are taking place on our planet at present that have the potential to generate harm well into the future. Rather than expansion and domination, the time has come to responsibly manage and lovingly care for what we already have. Fostering a set of loving, life affirming values helps us to remember the symbiotic nature of life on Earth. For example the widespread use of pesticides seems to be affecting our bee population. These creatures are vital in the continuation of the food supply on Earth. They are the perfect example of the symbiosis governing the conditions for life as we know it. The energy of  love  compels us to act in life affirming ways, nurturing life and

Introducing: The Love of the Universe

The moment I have been working toward for many years has finally arrived. At this early stage, ironically, I'm feeling a little lost for words. I'm sure the reality of my new situation will settle in gradually. Rather than the 'big bang' I had anticipated, my first book launch feels more like a rising hum.  The journey has just begun...  I wish to extend a  HUGE thank you to all of the readers of this blog. 💚   Your visits helped support my spirit through the long journey of writing a book. Leanne Margaret The Love of the Universe Initiating Loving Principles of Living Energy in a Creatively Evolving Universe. Are you experiencing the love of your life?  Today’s world seems to be falling out of love with itself. The warning signals of Mother Earth’s unease are hard to ignore. T he Love of the Universe  is a model of multi-dimensional human consciousness. It begins at the source – Dimension Zero, or womb of oceanic unconsciousness. We rise toward incre

Divine Timing? My Delayed Book Launch

April 2020 NOTE: I released my first book in October 2017. You can find it here . This post is supposed to be introducing my new book . But things haven't quite gone as planned. In fact the obstacles have been so relentless that I am wondering whether the universe is delaying my launch for a reason. First, as the book was printed and drying, I was copying the blurb into some promotional material AND I FOUND A TYPO. I jumped into the car and headed straight for the printer, which had just closed. I was horrified. It was the first paragraph of the back cover! It's amazing how these things get through when the words are read so many times. Fortunately the printer was able to perform a miracle quickly and efficiently. Relieved, I continued preparing for my launch, scheduled for the 1st November. Next was my website. I had been gradually learning and building a new website with my free 1 page website builder for months. I decided, just to be safe, to upgrade the website prior