Introducing: The Love of the Universe

The moment I have been working toward for many years has finally arrived. At this early stage, ironically, I'm feeling a little lost for words. I'm sure the reality of my new situation will settle in gradually. Rather than the 'big bang' I had anticipated, my first book launch feels more like a rising hum. The journey has just begun... 

I wish to extend a  HUGE thank you to all of the readers of this blog. 💚  
Your visits helped support my spirit through the long journey of writing a book.

Leanne Margaret

The Love of the Universe

Initiating Loving Principles of Living Energy in a Creatively Evolving Universe.

Are you experiencing the love of your life? 
Today’s world seems to be falling out of love with itself. The warning signals of Mother Earth’s unease are hard to ignore.
The Love of the Universe is a model of multi-dimensional human consciousness. It begins at the source – Dimension Zero, or womb of oceanic unconsciousness. We rise toward increased consciousness through the physical, emotional and mental planes, crossing the astral bridge toward the spiritual planes, where our role as creator beings on planet Earth becomes clear. This book will help you:
· Explore love, a life-affirming power available to all. 
· Be open to the challenges and opportunities of love expressed through multiple layers of human consciousness.
· Recognise the misunderstandings of love, including exploitation, violence, jealousy and abuse.
· Be guided by a set of principles designed to help you apply love without harm to yourself and others.
An initiation into multidimensional consciousness
Experience a guided meditation from the book...
· Balance your life-purpose with your own fluctuating, multi-dimensional nature. 
· Focus your creative human energy into a superpower that you can use to lovingly create your life, in consideration of all.
May the life-affirming power of love reign on Earth.

 Leanne Margaret © 2017

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Thankyou for exploring The Love of the Universe.


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