Divine Timing? My Delayed Book Launch

April 2020 NOTE: I released my first book in October 2017. You can find it here.

This post is supposed to be introducing my new book. But things haven't quite gone as planned. In fact the obstacles have been so relentless that I am wondering whether the universe is delaying my launch for a reason.

First, as the book was printed and drying, I was copying the blurb into some promotional material AND I FOUND A TYPO. I jumped into the car and headed straight for the printer, which had just closed. I was horrified. It was the first paragraph of the back cover! It's amazing how these things get through when the words are read so many times. Fortunately the printer was able to perform a miracle quickly and efficiently. Relieved, I continued preparing for my launch, scheduled for the 1st November.

Next was my website. I had been gradually learning and building a new website with my free 1 page website builder for months. I decided, just to be safe, to upgrade the website prior to the launch in case I needed the extra features. So I pressed the button marked 'upgrade' and completed the process. Or so I thought.  Upon my attempt to look at my site - it had gone! Staff informed me that my work wasn't compatible with the new software. Hmmm, not happy. I informed them that I would use my blog instead and got my money back. Problem solved.

Next project was uploading my book to online selling platforms. I was as scared as I imagine any new author would be. As I worked through the process of uploading to one of the platforms, fear turned to disappointment. My files, which I believed were pretty standard size, were not compatible with their templates. Hmmm, I was getting pretty frustrated by now. Contact from two other online platforms had also been strangely delayed. The problems were beyond me, for now. I needed some time to re-imagine things

The 1st November came and went. I decided to host a small private launch on Facebook with friends. This 'safe' launch among friends escalated into an unexpected 'messenger storm' after I accidentally put everyone into a messenger 'group.'  I wasn't able to fix it immediately. But by that stage I was unruffled by the angry messages insisting I remove them from the group. I was becoming accustomed to the rocky pathway I was walking. I fixed the problem, which was encouraging, but I lost some beautiful messages from my more understanding friends.

As it stands now...I've sold a couple of books to friends but so far the public launch has been delayed until I figure out how to get my book online. After that I will be able to include the links in the new tab (still unpublished) I have made for this blog. At least my blog is working. 😀

I am a bit of a perfectionist so all of these problems are challenging my ideas of the perfect launch, planned for years. When our faults are challenged this way I call it 'cosmic humour' which helps me to laugh at the 'imperfection of being' in physical form.

I felt I was ready and that the book was ready; but perhaps the universe isn't ready yet?

Waiting patiently for Divine Timing...

Leanne Margaret ©️ 2017

P.S. I published my first book, 'The Love of the Universe,' on the 31st October 2017. You can find it HERE.


  1. It is a difficult path. Stay strong. (I am currently attempting to download the kindle app. If it doesn't work, I will buy a paper copy.) Clea :-)

  2. Hi Clea:) I have lots of signed paper copies. They are the best ones anyway.


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