The Antidote to Terror is Love

The antidote to terror is love. Values related to expansion and competition have left many human beings isolated from each other, country against country and group against group. It's as if we have forgotten we are all sharing the same planet and that what affects one can ripple outward to affect all. Many events are taking place on our planet at present that have the potential to generate harm well into the future. Rather than expansion and domination, the time has come to responsibly manage and lovingly care for what we already have.

Fostering a set of loving, life affirming values helps us to remember the symbiotic nature of life on Earth. For example the widespread use of pesticides seems to be affecting our bee population. These creatures are vital in the continuation of the food supply on Earth. They are the perfect example of the symbiosis governing the conditions for life as we know it.

The energy of love compels us to act in life affirming ways, nurturing life and assisting in the creation of life supporting conditions. Personified, you might call it mother energy. Mystics have prophesied the return of the Goddess in the new millennium. I believe this return means humanity is again connecting to our Mother Earth, respecting her power and recognising her continual nurturance. When our planet becomes part of a loving family we are more likely to treat her with respect.

The invocation of love begins with the self. We are unlikely to act lovingly toward the world if we are not loving our lives. Therefore it is not selfish to begin our efforts of creating world change with the individual.

The search for love begins at the source of our being and our basic connection to the planet. Beneath our thoughts and feelings, beneath our personality, in the spaces between what we think we know as love; At the source of our being we are aligned with a life affirming force connected to all of creation. It is the basic energy that affirms and empowers life. It is love in action, expressed in every sprout of healthy new life.

Love isn't something you get, something you find or something you attract. The potential for love exists in everyone. Love is life affirming energy in action. It can be expressed in any moment you can find something to love about your life. From the people and activities you love to the simplicity of a sunset sky or a spring flower. A smile, a hug or a thank you are love shared. Extending appreciation to another affirms the living energy of the receiver.

Love need not be limited to lovers and sexual love. Love is everywhere. It can't be sold, stolen or extinguished. While it is consciously present the will to life remains strong and we can weather the inevitable storms of life.

Once love is invoked, even for a moment, its memory or spirit can be recalled through the many areas of our life and the world around us. It is up to the free willed human to channel their energy in the spirit of love. Do what you love and surround yourself in people with whom you share a loving connection.

Loving the self also involves assessing the influence of others on our ability to create a loving life. If we are tolerating an environment that is harmful to us, it is difficult to generate the loving, life affirming values required to participate in building a loving world. Loving the self can sometimes mean limiting contact with certain people or making some life changes. Love also means recognising where our actions might be causing harm to people or planet. Love in action takes measures to minimise harm to all.

In my experience, when I am living a life enriched by activities and people I love, I am more appreciative of the world we share. Love brings more love and love protects life.

May the power of love reign on Earth.

Leanne Margaret ©️ 2017


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