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Meditation: The Full Body Scan - Dimension One of Human Consciousness

Do you ever feel like you are 'too much in your head?'Do you suffer from 'mystery pains' in your body?Are you so busy that sometimes you forget to eat?Is exercise a chore that you procrastinate? The Full Body Scan meditation is designed to help you get in touch with your body. It might seem like a strange and even unnecessary idea - because how could we forget we have a body?

But it's easy to do. The more online we become, the more consciousness is directed into our heads, eyes and ears. These activities stimulate the higher dimensions of expression and impression, giving us more access to information and creativity than ever.

But at lower dimensions of consciousness we are still creatures.  All creatures, no matter how sophisticated, require rest, exercise, food, air and sun. By addressing these basic needs, the energy at higher dimensions can be as potent as possible. When the physical body is rested, nourished and exercised, we can soar at higher dimensions, exp…

Meditation: The Egg - Dimension Zero of Human Consciousness

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Sunday 30th June, 2019
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Lilydale, Victoria.

Protection or Paranoia? - Feeling the Fear and Doing Things Anyway

Spirituality has always been a great comfort to me. There are many things we are subject to, over which we have no control. Like the weather, world affairs and other people. It can be frustrating when the world doesn't always reflect our own personal values.

But life must go on. We need to find a way to live in a world that isn't always safe and perfect. Otherwise we would all find ourselves trapped in our homes, too afraid to open the door. Protection rituals have always given me comfort when - in spite of anxiety - I have had to go out into the world. Well-meaning people are quick to point out what can go wrong 'out there.' But few are willing to buy me a treadmill so I can run inside!

I was out running when the winter sun broke through a week of grey and rain. But I barely noticed the warmth on my arms, already bare from the heat of running. I was busy fretting over the words of a couple of people who have warned me this week about our safety in the world. I usuall…

What is Multidimensional Consciousness?

Light is perceived by the human eye as white, but we know that it can be split into a rainbow of colours when subjected to conditions like prisms and water droplets. Light then reveals itself as existing at various frequencies, red being the lowest frequency and violet the highest. 

Likewise, human consciousness - although usually perceived as unified energy - can also be recognised as multi-layered energy of various frequencies. In Western culture we have been conditioned with the idea of a 'trinity' of forces, combining to create the human being. Modern culture labels the trinity as Mind, Body and Spirit.

However, my experience of human consciousness is far more nuanced. Through my studies in meditation, mindfulness and psychic development, I have identified a multidimensional model of human consciousness that expands beyond the traditional trines of the past. 

Eight of these layers of consciousness are explored in my first two books, The Love of the Universe and Multidimension…

Sunshine Blessed the Melbourne Climate Emergency Snap Rally Today

All around the world today people rallied for Planet Earth by attending the Global Strike For Climate.  I attended the Melbourne Climate Emergency Snap Rally, organised by the Extinction Rebellion Victoria (XR), to align with the global event. Melbourne protesters gathered at the steps of Parliament House for the march down Bourke Street.

Facing public transport on a rainy, black and grey-sky day posed a flight risk! But I dug out my little-used Myki card and headed for the station. An hour later, as I approached the crowd of early arrivers, the entertainment made it seem as if John Lennon himself had risen from the dead, singing Beatle's classic, With a Little Help From My Friends. I wasn't born yet in the 60's - so I'm no expert - but isn't this protesting business a little retro? Someone summed it up perfectly on their banner: 'We shouldn't have to protest!'

At first the crowd didn't seem to have much energy. They were mostly quiet, except for a …

My Second Book is Finally a Real Thing - Yes I've Done It Twice!

Finally, I've completed my second book. I'm not exactly sure why it took 20 months - considering its compact size - but it's a cute and tidy little summary of some big ideas. I'm delighted to have a proof copy in my hands. It's a real thing now!

When I finished my first book, The Love of the Universe, I still had some material left over that I felt was important. After the experience of writing the first book, I was able to approach writing the second with more clarity and focus. It was easier to imagine the reader I was speaking to, which helped me to write words that could be understood in a relaxed way. I wanted the words to be simple enough to allow a restful, nurturing space that supported the topic.

So, I wrote Multidimensional Meditation. The benefits of some kind of relaxation practice are becoming widely known and people are becoming more accepting of meditation. Some feel a spiritual calling or yearning they wish to explore further. I wanted to write a bo…

Creating My Majickal Life With the Power of Witchcraft

When my daughter started school I decided to train in Small Business Management. I met a woman there who was loads of fun to sit with in class. I found out she had just completed a term of classes in Witchcraft. Curiosity gripped me, and as an already established reader of Tarot, it seemed a logical choice. I decided to add a few tools to my majickal toolkit and enrol.

Both courses lasted a full year. With hindsight I can see a turning point in my life. A time where I began to exercise some authority over my own life while beginning to remove influences that undermined me. I came to realise that the practices known as Witchcraft, are really just ritualised tools for personal energy management, as well as a set of ethics to ensure they're used wisely.

As Witches we practised for a year as a proper coven. We cast spells to celebrate, initiate, encourage, reveal and manifest. We learned the ethics around non-interference with others as we experimented with banishing and binding. This …

Handwriting Practice as a Form of Mindfulness


Have Supermarkets Diverted Their Plastic Bag Budgets into Plastic Toys?

One of the major supermarket chains recently released their latest collectible toys. This time the
apparent agenda is the promotion of healthy food choices. If the total at the cash register reaches $30, a toy is issued, shaped just like a teeny-tiny piece of healthy food.

Only it isn't healthy food at all. It's more plastic waste. The same supermarket chain released another series of plastic toys at Christmas, following the success of another previous plastic collectible earlier in 2018. Yes that's three sets of collectible toys.

Meanwhile, most customers are diligently adapting to the plastic bag ban and recycling their plastic packaging into supermarket provided bins.

Am I the only person who can see something wrong with this picture? Can anyone else see the hypocrisy of banning a plastic product, only to give away more plastic products than ever? This supermarket might market the toys in terms of healthy food choices, but do they really care about healthy food choices…

Shuffle Tarot Cards, Not Tarot Books | 5 Simple Steps to Reading the Major Arcana

Have you ever drawn a blank when it comes to reading the Major Arcana of the Tarot? Would you like to connect with their meaning in a way that doesn't rely on your memory?
Forget Memory! This article outlines a step by step method to help you gain access to the wisdom of the Tarot, minus busting the mood by shuffling through books.

If you're new to using Tarot, the Major Arcana are the cards that are usually marked 0 - 21. (Except the Mythic Tarot, pictured. You can recognise those by their lack of numbering.) The Major Arcana cards begin with The Fool and end with The World. They are distinct from the suit cards that are numbered Ace - Ten in each minor arcana set of Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords. Other variations include Staves, Rods, Knives, Chalices, Coins, etc. depending on which deck you choose.

The Major Arcana represent overarching archetypal stories playing out in our lives.

In other words, if the minor arcana is the story, the Major Arcana represents the themes…

Why it Helps to Release Perfectionism and Embrace Being: Good Enough.

In our fast paced world, people are becoming increasingly stressed, overwhelmed and multitasked. Attention can be pulled in so many directions that it's hard to be fully present for anything. Distraction is at an all time high.

Many people are also suffering stress related issues such as insomnia, cravings, racing thoughts and even burnout. The most balanced person can become overstimulated at the hectic pace. How can we keep up with everything and stay sane?

A long time ago, I learned two words with the power to ease the internal pressure. Two words that allowed me to let go of perfectionism and fear of failure. Two words to remind me that, 'to err is human.'
Good EnoughThose two words were: Good enough. At the time I was a new mum, trying to be perfect, and failing because babies are inherently imperfect and don't know when to sleep. But we made it. Her survival to adulthood and ability to happily lead her own life shows that I did end up being a good enough mum, even wh…

Does the Rise of Individualism Kill Love?

Individualism is trending. Baby-boomers can often be heard commenting on how selfish and entitled young people have become. They are noticing a shift in consciousness that is different to the post-war era. A changing paradigm is emerging in the human zeitgeist, given a range of names with various connotations:
The me generationThe age of the individualThe age of AquariusA dimensional shift Whatever you call it, the rise of individualism is changing how people see themselves positioned in the world. People are realising that they are important.

But does that make people 'self-important?' Does all this self-love make people less inclined toward loving action for the benefit of others? Are younger generations really becoming more selfish?
Are People Really Becoming More Selfish? Young people are actually becoming more socially aware. This week an article was posted on social media about a young boy from Ohio:

Mikah Frye, 9 years old, sold his Xbox to buy blankets for the homeless.…