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It was an ironic start to the day of the launch of Multidimensional Meditation. Coffee drinkers will relate to that moment when you flip on the kettle for your morning brew - to find no life in the kettle!  Instead I was doing a 'macca's run' - in pyjamas - on the morning of my launch. I had forgotten there would be a power outage that day and I wasn't impressed! My plans of a calm disposition, tidy hair and an ironed shirt weren't to be.
Lilydale Library Book launch of Multidimensional Meditation.
I'm the short one!

So, crumpled and frizzy, carrying a box of new books, I marched off to my first author talk. The launch was hosted by Lilydale Library, set among native trees between Lilydale Lake and Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Campus. I do love the area and felt honoured to be presenting my work to the world from such a peaceful and grounding place. Library staff made the whole launch really easy for me. All I had to do was show up with my books. The space was already set-up for me. A long table stretched across the space, a black tablecloth - placed diagonally into a diamond shape - perfectly framed my white and rainbow books. A half circle of around 30 chairs was divided by a walk-way up the middle. 

As soon as I arrived the chairs began to fill. Each guest received a bookmark and a raffle ticket. It was also an opportunity for this introvert to warm up to the 'meeting and greeting' side of author work. Not always easy for us! I would like to acknowledge the woman who engaged my full presence with a bright - 'Hi how are you?' I had been handing out raffle tickets quietly, like an assistant. Suddenly I remembered I had to act like a 'proper author.' I then put on my confident vibes and continued circling the room, chatting, smiling and handing out goodies. 

The launch was well attended by members of the writing and library communities. They were a bright and curious crowd who made it a delight to share a little of my story. I began with a few words about my personal writing journey; Like how and when I started and what has kept me going. I spoke a little about my spiritual awakening as a child and how I came to begin my metaphysical studies at such a young age.

These days everyone knows about the benefits of meditation. Participants were familiar with mindfulness practices and keen to learn more about the topic. So my talk on Multidimensional Consciousness was well received. I reminded everyone that Multidimensional Consciousness isn't something people have to get, buy or learn. It is something we already have. Multidimensional Meditation helps us to discern and control those states of consciousness, from the basic to the exalted.

The Meditation

After the talk and the reading from my new book, Multidimensional Meditation, it was time to present the meditation. I decided not to read one directly from the book. Instead I chose to channel a meditation directly from the universe. I must admit though, the universe 'channelled' the meditation the day prior. So I had already practiced it, wrapped in a doona on my yoga mat on the lounge-room floor. It had had a powerful effect on me. I had been running around preparing for the launch, the same week I started a new 'day-job.' So I was rather frantic and un-meditation-like. But then the 'rainbow mist' meditation appeared in my mind just in time. It had me completely relaxed and re-balanced. I was ready and pleased to share it with the group.

But my meditation 'voice' is quiet. I couldn't walk around presenting it the same way as the talk. So I grabbed the nearest stool and crunched myself down into a low seated position in front of the crowd. I needed to tune out of the group and into the universe in order to bring the meditation through clearly. Luckily, the library provided me with a mic so I didn't have to compromise the sound energy of my voice as I crooned the special meditation energy.

The effect was palpable. When everyone opened their eyes at the end their faces were bright and ecstatic. We were all shiny as children and smiley as joy. One seasoned meditator shared with the group afterwards that she had 'never experienced anything like it!' (She meant it in the good way!) Of course I was delighted. It had been a long time since I had shared one of my meditations with a group. It was lovely to connect to the energy and share it again. Reading or watching on YouTube doesn't compare with actually being there and experiencing the energy in person.

Next, it was time to draw the raffle. A glass jar was stuffed with tickets and my assistant (my daughter) drew the winner of a copy of my first book, The Love of the Universe.

The most powerful majickal ceremonies end with the ritual of 'cakes and ale.' I had discovered a couple of rainbow cakes at Allan's Cakes, Kilsyth. Their cakes are amazing! They taste like real home-made cakes. Multidimensional consciousness is often expressed as a rainbow, and human consciousness as a circle. So the symbology of circle plus rainbow couldn't have been more appropriate.

The Response

All in all, it was a fulfilling and successful day. I received a lot of good feedback from participants. So much that I'm considering a repeat performance. In coming weeks I will be researching spiritual bookshops to find the right venue for another talk.

As I was writing this blog post I received a text message from a member of the Lilydale Lakeside Writers' Group, who has now become one of my readers. With permission, I'm sharing her thoughts after having already read Multidimensional Meditation:
"[I] wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book launch as well as your book. I found it nicely structured and accessible. The tone is warm and friendly - and it's easy to read without being condescending." - Niesje
So that is Multidimensional Meditation, launched! But the work isn't over. I will spend the next year taking the book into the world, as well as writing the next book.

What's Next?

I like to try new things. So the next book, although still multidimensional at heart, will explore narrative styles. I won't say too much because these things are organic-like, growing in their own way. For now I'll be concentrating on uploading a new meditation video to YouTube each week. Each one will initiate a new dimension of your multidimensional human consciousness. So please stay in touch as these free meditations gradually appear on this site. Eventually I'll collate them into one easily accessible place. There is much to do.

But right now, you can enjoy a copy of my new book, Multidimensional Meditation, available on Amazon, as well as directly from me.

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BUY DIRECTLY FROM AUTHOR: (Australia only): Please use contact form on this blog to request your copy of either book. You will then be notified of proper contact details and payment options.

Explore Free - Online Multidimensional Meditation Series

Now you can enjoy multidimensional meditation wherever you are. In June I posted two meditations for you to start with. They initiate Dimensions Zero and One of human consciousness. Next week we will explore the emotional realm of Dimension Two.



Enjoy exploring your multidimensional consciousness; For you will find there, the whole universe.

Leanne Margaret © 2019


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