Book Review: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck

The cover of the book drew my eye as I walked passed a tiny new age bookshop. I was writing my first book at the time and was enduring a 'book ban' to help me focus. But this book looked important. So I picked it up. A spaciousness entered my energy field like a fresh breeze and I knew I would buy the book: The Emerald Tablet, by Dennis William Hauck. I barely even read the back cover!

I peeked at the first few pages and was gripped! But unfortunately, in 2012, I had to stop reading the book as soon as I started, lest I accidentally reproduce the author's ideas into my own. I was creating a mystically inspired work that I didn't want to reference heavily with others' ideas.

So years passed. But the universe moves in serendipitous ways. As it turned out, 2018 was the perfect year to read The Emerald Tablet. This remarkable book offered me a mirror in which to reflect on all that had happened since I had purchased it. Transformative years where the innate powers of alchemy within me had been strong. Like sulphuric acid.

The Emerald Tablet articulates powerful alchemical forces at work within and around us. It demonstrates how the vicissitudes of life organically create our Calcination or metaphorical destruction. After that, our ability to adapt to changing circumstances depends on a successful Separation from our former selves, enabling a divine Conjunction with the spiritual aspect of ourselves. New insight Ferments with all that we are -  generating a new vision. Something new is Distilled from the most precious remnants of our remaining essence.

Through this transmutation we process the worst of ourselves, while reaching for the best: the Quintessence of our knowing and our being. With this focussed energy we know who we are and what to do. The cycle repeats, increasing the purity of the work and perfecting what matters. We become what the author describes as the One Mind of focussed thought upon the One Thing, being the First Matter of the cosmos. We have become alchemists. The Philosophers Stone begins to crystallise within us.

The author articulated topics of immense depth with artful clarity. The metaphors tumbled verbosely, excitedly, illuminating myriad facets of powerful archetypal, alchemical forces. It was almost psychedelic, as bright as the alchemists coveted Peacock's Tail.

The book represented a 'trip' that helped me to further reframe some powerfully transformative experiences from my past. I was able to see how the utter destruction of my old life was a necessary cross I had to bear in order to allow in the new life.

I was excited by The Emerald Tablet, as evidenced by copious notes. There were looseleaf pages stapled together; notes in my journal; notes in my notes for future work; and many, many post-it-notes, flapping along the edge of the book in multiplicity.

I felt enthusiastic to be a living, transforming being while reading this book. It connected me to the place where we can find meaning and therefore gratitude for our suffering. Especially our losses. For it is what we cut away that reveals the essential, the best, the Quintessence of things.

For me, this book became a way to verify my own inner and outer work. I was excited by the correspondences to the eight-fold path of my own book: The Love of the Universe. I felt like the author and I had tuned into the same information, presenting it in our own unique way. I am no scholar, but this scholarly work by author Dennis William Hauck mirrored the essence of my own more mystically inspired work.

The Emerald Tablet will continue to be an inspiration to me as I express the purpose I am. It helps me  to remember that my body is the vessel in which my soul transforms; there's no use holding tight to what was, because when new ingredients are added to any vessel, change is inevitable. It's alchemical.

Be Well X

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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