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The End of the Age of the Guru and the Rise of the Psychic Within

I am giving very few psychic readings at the moment for a number of reasons both personal and professional. Professionally, I am developing a new style of reading that is more in alignment with my personal principles. A style that will not only assist clients by interpreting spiritual information, but also assist them to connect to their own personal source of intuitive guidance. Psychics Are Business People Too It's not always easy for sensitives such as psychics to make a living. Many of us are self-employed so we can adjust our hours around our sensitive natures and need for rest. Many psychics and healers who have also undergone business training have been coached to encourage repeat business from their clients. They may even have been coached to play up and dramatise certain elements of their abilities to attract business and to keep it. This marketing strategy can link people to the right practitioner, but it can also bind them. Gurus and the New Millennium There is o