The End of the Age of the Guru and the Rise of the Psychic Within

I am giving very few psychic readings at the moment for a number of reasons both personal and professional. Professionally, I am developing a new style of reading that is more in alignment with my personal principles. A style that will not only assist clients by interpreting spiritual information, but also assist them to connect to their own personal source of intuitive guidance.

Psychics Are Business People Too

It's not always easy for sensitives such as psychics to make a living. Many of us are self-employed so we can adjust our hours around our sensitive natures and need for rest. Many psychics and healers who have also undergone business training have been coached to encourage repeat business from their clients. They may even have been coached to play up and dramatise certain elements of their abilities to attract business and to keep it. This marketing strategy can link people to the right practitioner, but it can also bind them.

Gurus and the New Millennium

There is often a perception that psychic practitioners have some special power that ordinary people don't have. A guru/disciple relationship can ensue. The disciple can become dependent on the advice of the guru to make decisions. This might be good for the practitioner from a business perspective, but not always so good in the long term for the client.

I believe the age of the guru is coming to an end. Although human consciousness may have required this kind of leadership in the past, educated, millennial minds require more equality. I think millennial psychics are leaning toward a style of reading that is more like spiritual coaching. One where we still use the tools of our trade and our ability to interpret them, but also invite clients to share their own impressions. I think it is also important to both value and to attune each client to a source of personal guidance that they can use when the session is over. If we have done our job thoroughly, repeat visits won't be necessary unless in the case of situations where healing or corrective actions need to occur. But each client should be encouraged to attune to their own answers. Only the client has all the information. The spiritual coach empowers them to access it.

The Coldest Reading

Most psychic practitioners gather only a first name and maybe a date of birth prior to a reading. The name is taken down simply to make the appointment and greet clients politely at appointment time. The date of birth may be used for calculating a clients numerology or astrology chart if that is the agreement. Otherwise, no other information is taken and the client and practitioner sit together as strangers. I found that most clients were friendly, but there were also those who sat stony faced and inhibited, their time wasting as they tested me to see if I was a proper psychic and if all that stuff was real. I wonder if those people would behave the same way in their psychologists or their doctors office? No one expects those practitioners to know their clients problems without being told.

For the psychic practitioner, this closing down of the clients energy field places a gate between them. For an experienced psychic, it doesn't block the reading, but it makes it harder as we are forced to climb the gate as well as give the reading. It simply uses up more energy, for psychic and client. As a sensitive who doesn't perform well under test conditions, this stage was often a frustration to me. Aggravating my nerves undermined people's reading. If only they knew how they were wasting their minutes. Psychics often spend the first 15-20 minutes tuning into the issues at hand. Some psychics prefer to work this way, but I would prefer to start the reading with a little chatter about what is concerning clients. I enjoy clients who come to me with an open expressive face and demeanour, you know, just like normal people meeting each other politely. Leave the poker face for the other kind of card table.

Solution Based Reading

When client and psychic can get to the root of any issues or questions quickly, the solutions can be  identified more efficiently. Psychic practitioners are usually healers first and foremost. Their innate sensitivity makes them empathic listeners and natural counsellors. I hope for clients to utilise their hour as well as they can. If they can view their psychic reading experience as less of an entertaining guessing game and more of a healing and wellbeing exercise, all parties can benefit from the shift in perception. (The insurance industry hasn't helped our reputations by insisting we state our services are for entertainment purposes only.) Everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time. It's human nature. Many of my clients have been wonderful and we have enjoyed an energetic exchange of information, as equals. As peers on the same planet, each with their own energy and skills to bring to the table.

Purpose, Sovereignty and Discernment

The new millennium has augured in the age of the individual also known as the Age of Aquarius. Education levels are increasing and people are exposed to a staggering amount of information. Many people conduct their education solely from their home computers.  I believe this shift in consciousness around information has increased our need to align with a sense of personal purpose, sovereignty and wise discernment. Purpose - so we know where we are heading. Sovereignty - so we can lead ourselves there with conviction, discipline and personal leadership. Discernment - so we know we are gathering the right information and making the right decisions in each moment to support our goals, in loving consideration of all.

The powers of purpose, sovereignty and discernment empower us to feel a sense of authority that comes from within, guiding and anchoring us as we make our decisions. The ability to attune to more spiritual aspects of ourselves opens up the range of information that can assist us. See my blog post Attuning to your higher self  for a method of attuning to such a power. We are multidimensional beings connected to vast sources of information not necessarily found on google. I believe most people can be psychic, when they know how.

Many people will have opinions about what we should and shouldn't do in our life, but the consequences of those decisions are ours to deal with, possibly alone. So it's important that our decisions are based on our own truth and wisdom, in consideration of others. When a sense of inner sovereignty can be obtained we can work in partnership with all practitioners, including psychics, working as a team to assess the situation and brainstorm solutions. It is not for any practitioner to make decisions for clients, but to empower the client with the ability to find what they need to make their own decisions. This may be disappointing for those who have been attracted by ads claiming psychics can give them the name of their future lover. But better to empower clients with the skills to actually set their own realistic goals toward personal growth and evolution. (I am curious to find out how those readings actually panned out. I welcome comments from anyone who has received the name of their future lover from a psychic.)

Personally I am interested in personal and planetary development, in loving consideration of all. This means I honour the individual evolution of each client, now and into the future. I know what it is like to feel dependent on someone and how much energy that dependence can divert from just getting on with life. I will probably return to giving readings as a spiritual coach. And if I do, I look forward to also helping each client connect to their own wise spiritual selves. And if I don't, I will certainly teach what I know via my writing.
Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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