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Summer Solstice Poem

Another solar cycle shines its peak; The sun shines its brightest in the sky. The summer solstice build-up is released. Spring herbs and flowers start to go to seed. Storms have washed our world all bright. Another solar cycle shines its peak. Ripening strawberries scent the air so sweet. The plants peak tall with summer season’s might. The summer solstice build up is released. The butterflies as busy as the bees. We spray ourselves against mosquito bite. Another solar cycle shines its peak. Cicadas sing their love songs with their feet. Daylight savings gives us all more light. The summer solstice build up is released. Restless sultry nights in summer sheets. Christmas shopping late into the night. Another solar cycle shines its peak; The summer solstice build up is released. Wishing you all the light, love and abundance of this Summer Solstice. 🌞 Leanne Margare

Majickal Visionary Workings

Rituals can be elaborately planned and executed ceremonies as described in my Spellcrafting Template . A ritual can also be as simple as child's play. A vision board feels like a game or a fun piece of art, but is actually a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a visual or pictorial representation of our wishes and goals. I first experienced the ritual at a weekend workshop where I was presenting Majickal Bellydance . We sat in a group at several tables mashed together, grabbing from a large pile of magazines at the centre. We used pictures from the magazines to create a collage of what we would like to bring into our lives. We then placed our board somewhere prominent until they manifested.  The Ritual Preparing the Space: Get some magazines in the genre of your intent, for example: travel magazines if you intend manifesting a holiday. Gather your chosen pictures from magazines, photos, pictures downloaded from the inte

4 Ways to Purify Your Home or Office

Indoor spaces benefit from regular spiritual cleansing in addition to their regular physical cleaning rituals. This is because not all dirt is physical and visible. Science has now identified millions of different bacteria and viruses that can inhabit space. Once upon a time these invisible threats may have been referred to as 'bad spirits.' Most of us don't have access to the kind of technology needed to identify such threats in our homes. But we all have access to our spiritual senses. We can often feel the 'vibe' of a room. Emotions and other experiences left over from people and animals, living or dead can leave an energetic imprint on a space. Space can feel haunted by unseen forces that drain energy and attention from the living. There might be a strange smell or temperature difference. You might use a 'revealing tool' such as The White Veil . Whether a space feels haunted, stale or stinky, here are four methods to clear it up. 1. Smoke/Incens

The White Veil - Psychically Scanning Space

Has your home or office been 'haunted' or otherwise 'invaded' by a spirit, living or dead? You might be able to sense energies directly with clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing) or clairsentience (clear-knowing). But if you're not sure, there's a visual tool that can help. There are a number of reasons a space can become haunted. The shadow or ghost of a deceased person may be lingering around out of a sense of territory, or attached to trauma, usually around the circumstances of death. Sometimes we pick up entities and bring them home inadvertently. Sometimes other people have nasty intentions that grow present into space. Regardless of the reason it helps to be able to scan spaces for any entities that might not belong. This quick scanning method can help you to begin to visualise and to use your vision to 'see' your home or office on an energetic level. The White Veil Imagine yourself standing at the front of your h

The Word

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