Majickal Visionary Workings

Rituals can be elaborately planned and executed ceremonies as described in my Spellcrafting Template. A ritual can also be as simple as child's play.

A vision board feels like a game or a fun piece of art, but is actually a powerful tool for manifesting your goals.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual or pictorial representation of our wishes and goals. I first experienced the ritual at a weekend workshop where I was presenting Majickal Bellydance. We sat in a group at several tables mashed together, grabbing from a large pile of magazines at the centre. We used pictures from the magazines to create a collage of what we would like to bring into our lives. We then placed our board somewhere prominent until they manifested. 

The Ritual

  1. Preparing the Space: Get some magazines in the genre of your intent, for example: travel magazines if you intend manifesting a holiday. Gather your chosen pictures from magazines, photos, pictures downloaded from the internet etc. Prepare a large piece of paper, big enough to be prominent when stuck on the wall, fridge etc. You will also need glue and scissors. Some coloured pens can be used to write big artful words in cases where pictures can't be found. Most importantly you will need an attitude of fun and positivity. Imagine if your dreams could come true. You are the most powerful majickal instrument. The vision board is a pictorial representation of you and your intent for yourself and your life.
  2. Purification: To focus your energy even further, prepare the space with one of the 4 Ways to Purify Space. Allow your mind to let go of other things and focus on your vision board for a while. Make sure you won't be distracted by others, unless they are participating in the ritual with you. 
  3. The Ritual: Cut out images of what you want to bring into your life. These symbols might be related to your home or work life. They might relate to relationships and shared pursuits with family and friends. You might use symbols related to study and personal growth. The only limit is your imagination, but be specific, because these visions have an increased chance of becoming reality. Make sure you consider the big picture as you set your plans on paper. It might feel like play, but vision boards are definitely spellcrafting. You know the old saying "Be careful what you wish for." 
  4. Adding Drama: You can make your ritual more dramatic with the addition of candles, incense or a special outfit that suits your vision of yourself. The more energy you add to the ritual, the more energy will be available to bring your dreams to fruition. You might like to write a little spell or affirmation to sing or chant as you work.
  5. Making it Real: Hang your vision board up somewhere prominent. A bathroom mirror or wardrobe door are great because you will see them daily. The wall above your desk can be both a good reminder as well as a place to escape into daydream if you need it. Place your vision board wherever you will be exposed to the images of your intent on a regular basis. 
  6. Anchoring the Power on Earth: Now is the time to make it real. A vision board represents what I call dimension six consciousness. (see The Love of the Universe) Dimension six consciousness is made of light, not matter. In order to make our plans materialise in matter (dimension one), we need to put in action with our physical hands. A vision board by itself is just a dream, made of light in your mind, projected onto a piece of paper. It is a tool or symbol to remind you to do the real work. 
  7. The Real Work: Make a decision each day that brings you a step closer to your goals. You are the majickal being, so make it happen. Go and manifest your vision board and your life. 
I recently made a new board on the social networking site Pinterest. If you are unable to source relevant pics, this type of digital board might be a good option for you. But I must say, the process of creating a vision board from actual paper and having it physically present in my life feels like a more powerful practise. It's also more fun to use glue and scissors. But the wealth of pics available on Pinterest make it a very appealing option. Choose whichever suits you. It's your vision. 

*After setting up the pic for this blog post, I decided to make a new paper vision board to complement my Pinterest board. I'll be setting the scene with some favourite music and an iced coffee. My previous vision involved becoming an Author. You can see the results of my vision at Now that I have completed and published my first book it's time for a new, expanded vision. 

Happy Manifesting X

Leanne Margaret ©️ 2017


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