4 Ways to Purify Your Home or Office

Indoor spaces benefit from regular spiritual cleansing in addition to their regular physical cleaning rituals. This is because not all dirt is physical and visible.

Science has now identified millions of different bacteria and viruses that can inhabit space. Once upon a time these invisible threats may have been referred to as 'bad spirits.' Most of us don't have access to the kind of technology needed to identify such threats in our homes. But we all have access to our spiritual senses.

We can often feel the 'vibe' of a room. Emotions and other experiences left over from people and animals, living or dead can leave an energetic imprint on a space. Space can feel haunted by unseen forces that drain energy and attention from the living. There might be a strange smell or temperature difference. You might use a 'revealing tool' such as The White Veil.

Whether a space feels haunted, stale or stinky, here are four methods to clear it up.

1. Smoke/Incense

  • Use White Sage, Frankincense, Lavender or Dragon's Blood Incense.
  • Walk around your space in a cleansing circle, which is clockwise for southern hemisphere dwellers (anti-clockwise if you are situated or identify with the northern hemisphere).
  • Pay special attention to places that feel a little off or that you have identified in some way need attention. 
  • You can also use a feather or a paper-made fan to help you dispel the incense smoke exactly as you wish.
  • Packet incense is fine if that is what you like to use. My favourite incense for majickal work is my own home grown and dried white sage. The leaves can be burned in a fire-safe container without the need for a charcoal disc. (See image)
  • Other herbs and flowers such as lavender, rosemary and rose petals can be burned slowly on a small charcoal disc. The charcoal discs can be purchased from some incense suppliers. When lit, they are extremely hot and require proper containment, but they will support the slow burning of a variety of leaves, barks, flowers and resins. 

2. Water

  • Water is a great spiritual cleaner as well as physical. Water placed in a spray bottle with a few drops of your favourite essential oil can be used to purify all kinds of energies. 
  • If you don't have a spray bottle simply walk around with a cup of water that has been blessed with essential oil or herb infusion (tea) and flick it with your fingers. Be careful not to wet any water soluble crystals or unsealed artworks. Part of preparing your space involves checking that your methods won't do any harm. See Casting Circle.
  • You can also add a few pinches of salt to some water to create a majickal purification potion. Speak words like "blessed with the power of love and purity" to really empower your water with majick. 
  • Words have a powerful effect on water. Simply speaking the right words to your water alone is enough in the absence of salt, oil or infusion. 
  • As above for smoke, walk in a cleansing circle and affirm your intent for purity as you release the water.

3. Salt

  • You don't have to mix your salt into water at all. You can simply shake the salt around the room in a cleansing circle.
  • Use some words of power to magnify your intent. For example, "By the power of love and light, this space is clear and bright."
  • You will of course have salt everywhere afterwards. Sweeping or vacuuming can supercharge the purification even further.

4. Fire

  • Fire is a powerful purifier of energy. It's why we use our ovens to sterilise food containers for preserves. We can also use fire in the form of a candle to perform a cleansing ritual in our space.
  • Like with smoke, water and salt, hold your candle and walk in a cleansing circle around your space. Be sure to use a wide holder that catches drips before you find yourself bent over with paper towel ironing wax out of the carpet. 
  • You might like to use a pointy object to carve majickal words of protection on the candle before lighting. Words like "protect this space with peace and love," or whatever you wish to bring into your life. 
  • You can also rub your favourite essential oil onto the candle, particularly the wick, prior to lighting. The oil will evaporate into the air as you light the candle. 
  • Oils of lemon, eucalyptus, tea-tree, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, rose and juniper berry (among others) are good space purifiers. 

How Often Should Space Be Cleansed?

  • As often as you feel it is needed.
  • After visitors, especially if they have been venting about something.
  • In the presence of illness.
  • If you know someone has negative intent towards you.
  • Post-separation and divorce.
  • New home or office.
  • Preparing a home for a new baby.
  • Following dark moods and difficult stages of life.
  • Following any kind of home or other intrusion.
  • After any healing or divination session.
  • As a daily ritual if desired or needed. 
Happy cleaning majickal people.

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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