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Why Learn Tarot?

Quite simply, tarot is a mirror in which to view yourself objectively. The elemental and archetypal symbols conveyed by the tarot, mirror different dimensions of our lives. They are also a teaching tool, to convey esoteric principles that have been known to mystical scholars for thousands of years. They mirror great cosmic cycles that govern life on Earth, as well as personal cycles of growth and renewal – enjoyed and endured by each of us.  Old-time tarologists weren't spruiking personal growth. Their knowledge of the cycles of life was viewed in a more limited way – as fortune telling. But they still conveyed something mystical to ordinary minds.  These days, a wide variety of people use tarot in a number of ways: Reflecting on daily events Drawing a card at the end of each day can help you to reflect on the day's events, as well as tackle any problem solving required. They are the mirror into which you can clearly see what is dominating your thoughts. Those thoughts will app