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$60 Short Reading 20-30 minutes
$100 Full Reading 45-50 minutes

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We are each subject to great cosmic cycles. This means there is a time to charge forward with your plans, and a time to rest. So many of our struggles come from being unable to recognise where we're at in our personal creative cycle. 

A tarot reading can help you to find out whether your challenges are related to ordinary growth opportunities, or whether you're actually trying to move forward when you're scheduled to rest. Many people underestimate the power of the resting stage of life. But think about seeds sprouting in dark soil, and pregnant women. From them we learn that things grow in the dark.  

Although I knew I would be a writer as soon as I could read, by the time I reached the age of ten, it also became apparent that I was a student mystic. In only a weekend, I devoured my Mum's copy of Raymond A Moody's influential book, Life After Life. Something about the book made me start meditating, just like that. By the time I reached adolescence, I was studying astrology and numerology – creating my own astrology chart by the age of sixteen, using information painstakingly gathered from library books. Not the task of a lightweight.

Another thing that happened when I was sixteen, is that a friend lent me her tarot cards. I had such an affinity with them that I started reading right away, using the tiny booklet that came with the cards. My first tarot deck, which I bought as soon as I finished school and started working, was the Mythic Tarot. 

What a perfect deck the Mythic Tarot turned out to be. It provided me with a pantheon of archetypal characters to study, augmenting my own reading around ancient mythology. I didn't know it then, but I was also studying writing via these cards and stories. I was learning about character and story arcs – esoterically.

I believe our purpose catches up with us, even when we think we're getting sidetracked. I've pulled back from tarot readings a few times, so that I can focus on my writing. But a few clients always found their way back to me for a reading. I've come to realise that readings and writing make a harmonious fusion, so I'm opening up some appointments again.

I love connecting with people in a clairaudient way. Clairaudience is my superpower. I can also access clairvoyant and clairsentience skills, but I'm clearer when I can perform my readings clairaudiently. This is why you find me on the phone, and not at festivals. 

Let's face it, I love a good phone chat!

If it's your first reading with me, or I haven't spoken to you in a few years, I'll start your reading with numerology. Numerology can show you where you fit in your overall 'storyline.' Are you starting a new life-phase? Are you about to peak? Or are you about to go through a resting stage, when you should keep your expectations modest? 

Numerology can help you to work with cycles that are bigger than you are. 

When you make your booking, I will ask for your birthdate. This will help to provide me with what I need to gather some astrological and numerological information to start off your reading. But if you book a short reading, it's likely that I'll focus on tarot.

Different options are available for short readings or long readings. See Price List Above.

I discovered my favourite way of reading – remotely – when I worked for a mainstream telephone psychic line. I found that I could be a clearer channel when I wasn't using my external visual centres. I look at cards. I look through my inner eyes. I listen with my inner ears. This way, I am clear.

You won't leave my readings frightened by dramatic predictions, or falsely pumped up with information designed to draw you back in. You will feel more in control of your life when you understand where you're at in your growth cycle. Is this your year to shine? If not, how to prepare for when your peak years arrive. 

Your reading will be sensitive, skilled, insightful; based on three decades of client experience – and five decades of life-experience. 

In-Person Tarot Course

See Courses Page for upcoming Tarot Courses. These courses take place approximately every year. 

Teaching Tarot gave me the opportunity to write content. I didn't recognise my work as content writing, then; but as I said, purpose has a way of catching up with us. Over the years I've had the opportunity to teach tarot, psychic development, meditation, spell-crafting, witchcraft, and belly dance. I even had my own studio, where I used to give tarot readings in a bespoke purple room. 

Things naturally grow more complex, then they simplify. My tarot courses have expanded beyond my ability to teach them in the time allotted to me; and then contracted to a condensed, but potent package of information. Participants start reading cards from the first class, using a few basic teachings that apply to any style of tarot deck. 

If you attend my tarot course you will learn an intuitive style of tarot, and also some short cuts to help you remember what the cards mean. You'll never have to memorise 78 card meanings AND their reversals. By the time you've completed my Majickal Tarot course, you'll even be able to read a deck of playing cards. 

If you can't see a course on my courses page, check back soon.

Thank you for reading
Let me read for you.

Leanne Margaret
Majickal Tarot
1998 - 2024


"I connected with Leanne through writing, and am fortunate to have had a reading done by her, using numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards.

I found the whole experience fascinating, empathic, supportive and inspiring. Leanne is a very clear and connected communicator, and was able to reflect on the main issues in my life at this time and throw light on conflicts and painful experiences, while inspiring me with signposts to the unfolding future. I took from the reading hope, reassurance and inspiration for the ongoing story. 

I highly recommend her intelligent, insightful, practical, and grounded interpretation of life patterns and energy shifts in one’s journey." - Christina H

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