Using New Moon Power to SuperCharge Your Goal Manifestation

Writers are great at procrastination. My favourite method is to jam my brain with multiple ideas, so that nothing happens and I open some chips. I've run out of chips! So here's my belated summer solstice blog post - joined with a little info on how to use the energy of the new moon in your sign this year. Grab a cuppa, it's basically 2 blog posts written together.

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice with Leanne Margaret

I like to celebrate the summer solstice, which falls on the 22nd December in the southern hemisphere. It corresponds with Thanksgiving and is a remnant of the pagan seasonal festival where the sun's peak was honoured each year, along with the summer harvest. This is the time of year when I like to look back and acknowledge my successes or metaphorical fruits for the year. Acknowledging our achievements helps to keep the positive energy and motivation flowing.

New Moon Majick

But now the solstice has passed and many of us are earnestly setting our new year's resolutions. I like to do this around my birthday when the new moon is in my sign of Capricorn, which happens to be around new years. From an astrological perspective, a new moon falls in our sign each year. It happens when the sun is in our sign, around our birthday. The intentions we set when the new moon is in our sign will be super-charged with creative energy. It's a most potent time of year for setting goals, or for majickal folk: casting spells.

You probably know that when the moon is new/dark it won't be visible in the sky at all. You can check out whether the moon is in your sign by visiting a website like www.the It shows you the location of the main planetary bodies, including the moon.

The new moon in your sign augers the time to plant the metaphorical seeds representing your goals for the year. Keep your goals realistic and achievable. Even a majick wand won't help you manifest an unrealistic goal. Break bigger goals down into manageable ones. For example the goal 'go on a holiday' can be broken down into the smaller goals of 'research holidays' and 'open a holiday savings account.'

Then, if you like to keep things simple, make a short list of your most important goals, no more than about 2 or 3 or it will all get too hard. Place this list of major goals somewhere visible to keep you focussed on the action phase.

The Action Phase

Now, here's the important part: as you plan each week of the coming year, review your 2 or 3 goals and plan a mini-goal related to each major goal. By accomplishing these small steps, you will achieve the action stage that will bring your major goals to fruition. This stage will help you to carry the powerful lunar energies invoked into your life, throughout the year.

You might go full witchcraft and cast a spell. That's great, as the drama adds energy to your intent. You can harness the power of archetypal and spiritual forces to help you too! That's all good stuff, but remember, the most important part of any manifestation work, is that you don't forget the ACTION part. That means if you want to manifest something, you need to do more than wave your majick wand and set your intent. Human action is also required to bring your goal/spell to fruition.

My Own Work

For many years I have been single-minded in my goal to publish a book. Following the publication of my first book The Love of the Universe in 2017, it was time to 'walk my talk' and make sure I was also living the love of the universe myself. It was exactly the book I needed! By building a model of multidimensional consciousness, I was able to see exactly where my energy was going, or not going. I learned to prioritise what meant the most to me and make the daily decision to do what I love.

Now, as we move into 2019 the theme of creating life balance continues, but with more of a financial focus. A writer's life can be economically challenged. So as the new year begins, my thoughts are on how to grow more financially secure, while still maintaining a life that I love.

New Stuff in 2019

As life gets busier I'm relying more and more on meditation, which is handy, because I have a new book coming out really soon and it's about meditation. It's exactly the book I need this year as I juggle new challenges and adapt to a new pace. I hope it can help others too. I can't wait to sit with some of you at the free meditation workshop that will accompany the book launch. There's nothing like a group meditation experience. The shared energy deeply enhances the experience. Details about that aren't too far away now...

My New Writer Friends

A huge HELLO to all of my new writer friends! I have been connecting with writers from the Australian Writers' Centre Podcast Facebook group and the Australian Writers' Centre Copywriting Graduates Group. It has been rewarding to be part of such an informed and encouraging community. I'm getting a big kick out of the Ladybirds' Facebook group too. You guys have totally changed my Twitter experience for the better.

Also, you would think I was bored or something, because I'm now involved in not one, but two physical writers' groups. We meet at Seville Community House each Wednesday during school terms and chat about our week. The Lilydale Library Lakeside Writers' Group is a new group that meets on the second Monday of each month.

Bellydance and Tarot Workshops in 2019

I'm presenting two fresh workshops this year at Seville House. Check out the new 'events' page for the latest info. I will be contacting everyone on my mailing list in January. Subscribe here so you don't miss out.

A massive THANKYOU to everyone who has supported me on my writing journey this year. Your purchase of the The Love of the Universe has helped me to continue developing my craft. I can't wait to show you all my next book.

May your wishes come true for 2019. X


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