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Candle Meditation

Meditation is as easy as breathing. Many people feel they cannot meditate, but by keeping things really simple, I believe anyone can meditate. There are a huge range of meditation practises suitable for different purposes. If meditation has been difficult in the past it may mean that the style wasn't suitable for you. Meditation is suitable for anyone if the style is a good match. This article will introduce two styles. Although simple, they are both potent meditations, the first for practise in mindfulness and the second meditation to promote visionary ability. How Can Meditation Help? Rather than being a practise for monks and yogis of times gone by, meditation is more important than ever. Human consciousness is increasingly stressed and challenged by rapid change in the way we live our daily lives. In the past it took time to satisfy our curiosities as we reached into the world toward limited options. In the present we are bombarded by information every day from a variety o

Communing with Crystals, Programming and Attunement

To commune with an entity is to communicate with it. Crystals are more than just tools directed by humans. Crystals, like any element of nature, contain the spirits of energetic beings. It is helpful to consult with these beings prior to using your crystal for healing and energy work. Crystals have different personalities suited to different purposes. Rainbow Obsidian Determine Your Intent  Do you wish to use your crystal for aura clearing and charging?  Do you require extra protection from negative influences?  Are you using your crystal to create a crystal grid? Are you consecrating a jewellery piece for everyday wear?  All of these situations may require different crystals. For example, I use a large clear quartz point as big as a potato for my aura clearing and charging work. I use a small selenite wand to cast circles of protection around home and workspace. For dispelling negative energy I hold a rainbow obsidian sphere. For creating crystal grids around spaces I li