Candle Meditation

Meditation is as easy as breathing. Many people feel they cannot meditate, but by keeping things really simple, I believe anyone can meditate. There are a huge range of meditation practises suitable for different purposes. If meditation has been difficult in the past it may mean that the style wasn't suitable for you. Meditation is suitable for anyone if the style is a good match. This article will introduce two styles. Although simple, they are both potent meditations, the first for practise in mindfulness and the second meditation to promote visionary ability.

How Can Meditation Help?

Rather than being a practise for monks and yogis of times gone by, meditation is more important than ever. Human consciousness is increasingly stressed and challenged by rapid change in the way we live our daily lives. In the past it took time to satisfy our curiosities as we reached into the world toward limited options. In the present we are bombarded by information every day from a variety of external sources both invited and intrusive. The extra stress can become habitual, stored in the mind and body, possibly affecting body systems such as muscles, heart and immunity. The constant stimulation can pull our attention away from our own sense of inner being and feeling. Meditation provides a method to rest and process life stressors in a more controlled way, reuniting us with a sense of ourselves and how our energy moves within.

When is the Best Time to Meditate?

The best time to meditate is now, wherever you are. Sit back where you are and close your eyes. Become aware of your breath. Notice the location of the rise and fall of your breathing. Is your chest rising and falling? Or is it your abdomen? Relax the body with each exhalation, noticing the slowing down of your nervous system. Let it happen. Allow your abdomen to relax, deepening breathing lower into your belly. Sense your body from the inside. Feel your lungs and belly from the inside. Each inhalation makes you aware of any tensions in your body. Each exhalation melts the tensions away. Indulge in this meditation for a few seconds or a few minutes. Every little bit helps but stop if your breathing becomes stressed. Keep it gentle and regular as this exercise is more of a mindfulness exercise than a breathing practise. Remembering to perform a simple meditation during times of small stress, such as waiting for pages to open on your computer or sitting on hold on the phone, can help prevent big stress from taking hold.

The Candle Meditation

Some people find it easier to focus on an object, or prefer a visual method of meditation. The candle meditation is easy for lots of people because we are innately fascinated by fire. First prepare the space by taking responsibility for fire prevention. Place a candle on a fire proof surface away from combustible materials. Seat yourself so the candle can be comfortably viewed without neck or other strain. Begin by recalling the previous meditation, relaxing for a few seconds or minutes with eyes closed. When you feel inclined, open your eyes and let them rest on the candle flame, allowing your eyes to blink when necessary, but without allowing them to focus too intently. Your eyes may want to waft out of focus, this is a good thing so let it happen. Notice the shifting of the light as your eyes fall in and out of focus. Notice how the light stretches into the space around the flame. With eyes slightly out of phase with the physical world, you may begin to notice a diffusion of light around the candle, an aura. Watch it come and go as your eyes alternately focus and soften. Can you see red light? Discern the orange and the yellow of the flame and its aura. Now see if you can notice any green light? Or blue? Or purple? Imagine the rays of the rainbow and find them in the flame. Close your eyes and return to your breath. With your 'mind's eye,' can you see an after-image of the candle between your eyebrows? Watch it as it fades away, relaxing the eyes. Relaxing the body.

Have something to eat and drink after any meditation of depth in case you feel a little spaced out. The candle meditation is best suited to quiet time alone but the introductory meditation can be used anywhere, anytime. 

I have so many more meditations to share that I am working on an ebook to make them easily available. For now, I await the spiritual muses advice as to the topic of our next blog. 

Until then, enjoy your meditations and be the calm in the storm of technological revolution.

Be Well X
Leanne Margaret © 2017


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